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Knitting machines utilizing a shuttle or carriage for moving and depositing yarns upon a generally transverse moving textile carrier element are generally well known in the art. In the well-known Knitting Machine, a plurality of yarn delivering stations are carried by a large substantially horizontal knitting needle bed. Each yarn delivering station is provided with a number of needles which are advanced to carry a given yarn strand for a given stitch cycle. The needles on a given station are withdrawn from the needle bed, are replaced with a yarn delivering element and are then advanced again as the needle bed is advanced with respect to the delivery station. The moving needle bed is reciprocated back and forth over a length of a length of fabric and the knitting operation is completed by the delivery of a selected yarn or yarns from the needle bed to fabric which is positioned on a carrier element in a given stitch cycle. The delivery of yarns in this manner is conventionally referred to as punted knitting and various configurations have been provided for the knitting needle bed and the yarn delivering elements to facilitate this.
One improvement in the art is that of the presentation of a lace fabric in which a given fabric is formed and then a plurality of yarn delivering elements are advanced into the knit fabric to form decorative stitch patterns therein. In this type of arrangement, it is necessary to permit the needle bed to move longitudinally in order to permit the yarn delivering elements to be advanced into the fabric. This requires a relatively large needle bed which presents a number of problems with respect to maintaining a sufficient rigidity and strength in the needle bed.
It is also known in the art to provide a machine in which a first yarn delivering element is advanced into a stitch pattern with the yarn being deposited on a given carrier element and then replaced with a second yarn delivering element to form a knitted fabric. The fabric is transferred from the first yarn delivering element to a fabric support and a second yarn delivering element is used to complete the


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