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Extract Video IDs From YouTube Links Software

Use this software to extract text from almost any link. Just type or paste the link and click the Start! button. An ID list will be available from the results. Each item in the list is composed of two parts: ID and URL. The ID can be the YouTube ID or the one assigned to the link. The URL is the full link to the video. The ID list can be saved to a file and optionally to the clipboard. After extracting the ID from the URL, the ID list will be ready to be pasted into any application. The application processes the ID list very fast. When pasting, links in the list can be separated by comma (,), so that if a URL was erroneously entered, the application will extract the ID and paste it into the empty items. The results can also be sent to the clipboard. After the URL is extracted, the application displays the video’s title, duration and date. Additionally, there is a button to view the video. For further details and to view a video tutorial, please see the video player. Idigital Explained How to Clean corrupted or damaged windows registry or corrupt Windows registry? Is it possible to recover your deleted files from recycle bin or from permanently deleted files by using regedit. You can recover your accidentally deleted or lost files from Recycle bin in regedit. Today, We are going to explain how to recover deleted or lost files. How to recover deleted or lost files? To recover deleted or lost files you can use 3rd party tool called delview. You can able to recover all lost files including pictures, videos, songs, documents, emails in just 5 clicks. You need to scan your partition or other drive, to recover deleted files. Permanently Deleted Files How to recover permanently deleted files and directories on Windows System? This article shows three methods to recover permanently deleted files from Windows System. Which one do you want to use? 1. Use OS Defrag to recover deleted files 2. Use Recuva to recover permanently deleted files 3. Use Regrestore to recover permanently deleted files. These Methods are used to recover deleted files and folders, and

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============== Extract Video Ids From YouTube Links Software is specially designed to assist users to extract the id of a youtube video without entering them. Also, it is a helpful tool that can extract the video id from a youtube video url automatically. Extract Video IDs From YouTube Links Software is also a good choice for youtube link extractors for downloading new urls. It will list down all the ids of the videos in a simple and user-friendly interface that even a non-technical user can operate. Extract Video IDs From YouTube Links Software Requirements: ============== Windows Xp. 8,7, Vista, Windows Server, 7, 8, 8.1 RAM-350 MB 500 MB Hard Disk DirectX 9.0 or later Network Connection Extract Video IDs From YouTube Links Software Download: ============== Click here to download Extract Video IDs From YouTube Links Software and all other versions. Click the http link below to download the trial version without registration. For more than 50000 applications available, Click here http:updatetoolstoday.com/apps.php Publish to Image Gallery by Lin Xiaofeng Release Date: 01/24/2014 Publish to Image Gallery is a small free to use program developed by Lin Xiaofeng to help you publish and organize the pictures in your gallery, whether you use Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, or Windows 8.1. Program Features: ============== 1. Easily handle the images. In this program, you can select the pictures you need to publish, including all formats: JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF and more. The built-in Image Viewer can help you to view the images you just chosen. You can also easily use the function “Add to a Folder” to add the pictures you want to a folder. You may select the number of images per folder. 2. Built-in FTP client. The built-in FTP client can help you to upload and download files easily. 3. Built-in image tools. The application offers convenient image tool to edit the pictures, including crop, resize, rotate, the text, the outline, the text and more. 4. Built-in image viewer. The built-in image viewer can help you to view the pictures in the folder you choose. 5. Built-in FTP server. You can use the built-


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