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Sinch SMS API – Android & iOS web app

I want to create an app with a web interface. On the web interface, the user can upload videos. The user can send videos to other users using Sinch SMS API. I want to do the same thing on my mobile app.
Here is my problem :
For android app, to send SMS from web interface to my phone, I have to use the “Incoming Call” button and my phone has to be connected to internet. But this button is not available when I just build my android app.
I can find on Android Source Code (, IncomingCallActivity.kt) that there is the button called “IncomingCall”. So maybe it’s possible to use this method to send SMS from my web interface? I don’t know.
Could someone help me please?


You can use IncomingCallActivity with an internet connection. Just add the code below to your Manifest file (in your app.xml).

For more information see Sinch’s Documentation.

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The pair announced the news on TMZ, where Jeff explained they’re not pregnant. He added: “We are not having a baby together – not yet.”

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