As a result of increasing the agricultural area, it has become necessary to provide modern methods and equipment for agriculture in its various fields in terms of testing and preparing for soil, agriculture, irrigation and control of agricultural pests, and as for combating agricultural pests, the importance of using modern equipment in the fields of spraying pesticides that are suitable for large areas in which it is difficult to provide a quantity Adequate employment out.





The most important features of modern spray equipment:

1- Saving the time consumed for the spraying process.

2- Providing manpower.

3- Spraying in large areas that are difficult to spread to a large number of individuals.

4- Saving the consumable materials in spraying with high cost.

5- Protect individuals from diseases that afflict them as a result of working in spraying on farms.

6- The equipment provides higher efficiency in ensuring full spraying and reaching the plant.

Factors and targets used to increase spray efficiency:

1- Reducing the size of the fungus on the surface of the plant.

2- Increase the number of drops on the surface of the plant leaf.

3- Distribute the spray evenly on the surface of the plant leaf.

4- Direct the spray completely on the surface of the plant to reduce the loss of materials in the air or on the surface of the earth.

5- Reducing the surface tension that reduces the spread of fungi on the surface.

Types of equipment used in spraying:

Types are classified according to the plant used and the land on which the plants are grown

1- Open lands planted with herbaceous plants (such as wheat …… and we use Boom stomachs there are two types:

• Boom is installed on a tractor and has a tank of (400-1200) liters and the spraying arm is no more than 15 meters.

• Boom is tugged behind the tractor and mounted on wheels. The tank capacity may reach 8000 liters and the spray arm length is up to 40 meters.

2- Orchards, gardens, and farms containing trees of all sizes and palms

• Orchard sprinkler

It sprinkles orchards and small trees of various kinds and is divided into two types:


A- Installed on a tractor and the tank capacity is (200: 1000) liters.

B- Towed behind the tractor and mounted on wheels, and the tank capacity is (1100: 3500) liters.

• tree sprayer

It sprinkles orchards, small and large trees, palms and grass, and it is divided into:

A- Installed on a tractor and the tank capacity is (200: 1000) liters.

B- A trenched behind a tractor and the tank capacity of (1000: 3000) liters.

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