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This is Doctor Miles on the expedition to reveal the mystery of these huge tunnels found around the planet surface. I think I’ve found the reason. Look at those small mechanical spiders over there. Looks like they are, em, trembling, while devastatingly digging into the ground to run away from. (“Ahhh!!”-someone’s screaming from outside the camera) Oh, sh*t, this is bad, F**K, AWWWAA, my ar……” — Last transmit from the U-232 planet expedition team.”Shut up you idiots. Back in the day I was a still a star explorer (loud laughter from around), I went on a scout mission to Colony C-080. Yeah, there used to be a colony before a gigantic explosion. Guess what I saw there? A robotic rat thing larger than Qomolangma was gnawing its fella (loud laughter again). It looked at me as if my ship was a f**king mosquito. Soon after I came back I submitted a report and quit the star explorers. You never know what kind of horror is hiding out there, kids.” — A drunker in a bar on Primal Earth — Former ace pilot of the star explorersCodename “DustDragon” – Confirmed Encounters : 0Codename “Octo” – Confirmed Encounters : 0Codename “MuTRax” – Confirmed Encounters : 0Gameplay Machine Crisis (陨星危机): How to Get Started • Download and run Virtual Reality Player • Launch the game and put on VR headset • Step into the arena • Make sure the cameras can see you from all angles (pitch, yaw, and roll) • Click the d-pad or the touchpad on the Vive controller to switch between auto and manual steering mode • Launch the first level and fight! • The menu window will appear in the middle of your view How to Play • A top down view of the battle • Pick up ammunition for weapons using the base • “Teleport” left and right by using the d-pad • Press the A button to auto-fire the weapons • For more fun, go online for solo battle or team up with other players from around the world and “gamble” for virtual money in our virtual casino! GAME INFO• 100+ weapon system available at the beginning of the game.• Get another weapon by collecting scavenge, which can be collected by investigating certain anomalies• Fight against the following types of


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By the way, I’ve checked the records of everyone who has been hunting my avatar so far. I know the game was released on December 10th. I’m not sure what time zone the servers are in though, and there are all kinds of latency issues from around the world to the server’s location, so this isn’t a fast game, at least not by today’s standards. I have a 2012 Macbook Pro, and the latest driver I have installed is the 12.6 Beta for Intel HD Graphics, and that is exactly the same as the


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