Automation for Poultry Farming

In modern poultry farming it is essential to gather and record the correct information items to optimise production. This allows negative influences to be recognised quickly, analysed and avoided, contributing to improved production.

  • Climate control
  • Feed control
  • Bird weighing
  • Egg Counting
  • Management and communication

Climate Control

Climate computers control for you, based on all possible set ventilation curves, the barn temperature and the barn ventilation level.

Feed Control

Computers are extremely suitable for the implementation of your feed strategy and offer you the prospect of reduced feed costs, healthier animals and therefore better results.

Bird Weighing

Bird weighing gives an up-to-date insight into the weight of the birds. This is very important in times of limited feeding or when following a particular feeding schedule.

Egg Counting

The EMEC egg counter keeps track of the number of eggs on each conveyor with meticulous precision, without any need for the eggs to be transported in single rows or in a specific direction.


Management and Communication

Systems gather a wealth of information for you on conditions in the animal house, on the well-being of the animals and their production. Information is provided on the minimum and maximum temperature.

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