Air Circulation Fans

A variety of fans for all applications and uses (industrial – greenhouses – cattle farms – poultry farms)

Cooling Pads

For animal farms, greenhouses and industries


The lowest-noise operation in its category.

Eco Pro

Fog Module​

Fog 70 Basico

Designed to cool, create fog effects, humidify, suppress dust in any type and size of application.

Fog 70 IC Ambiente

A multi-zone fogging system designed as an all inclusive solution.

Fog Multi Ambiente

Multi Ambient is both a revolutionary unit and also a system for multi line system management.

Fog INOX Multi Ambiente

A new fog module with a stainless steel pump for heavy duty working environments.

Fog 70 Var 2

The industrial fog modules are specially designed for independent fogging of two or more areas.

Fog 70 Var 3

The industrial fog modules are specially designed for independent fogging of two or more areas.

Fog 70 Var 4

Choose the Var 4 module: equipped with an inverter that allows the pump capacity to be adjusted depending on active lines.


from 1 up to 160 litre/min

Diaphragm Pumps

Low, Medium and High Pressure
from 43 up to 153 litre/min

Disinfection Unit

For sanitization, odour and pollution suppression of small to medium areas.

Washing Machine

Used for agricultural and industrial purposes

Fog Maker Elefante A.P.

Dust suppression in large-sized areas.

Fog Maker Rino A.P.

Rino is the new fog cannon to neutralize and suppress the finestdust in the atmosphere (from 0,5 to 2micron).


Modern methods and equipment for agriculture in its various fields.


The ORION-GC is an extremely versatile, functional and easy-to-operate computer for controlling the climate and irrigation in compartments in a greenhouse


Irrigation and fertilization unit.

Disinfection Unit

The entry of trucks from an infected farm to your farm is the biggest cause of disease transmission and infection.

Fog Nozzle

The revolution that combines stainless steel and polyamide pipes with 70bar pressure , 80% time saving in line assembly operations compared to the compression fitting system.

Fog Ring

Misting fan rings.


This filter ensure a complete protection against bacteria , virus and endotoxins in the water , avoiding the contraction of diseases like Legionella and Salmonella.

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