As a result of the increase in the agricultural area in the lands of the Arab Republic of Egypt, it has become necessary to provide the latest methods and modern equipment for agriculture with its various requirements, which are represented in the following:

1- Testing, reclamation and soil preparation.

2- The use of modern agricultural equipment that facilitates the cultivation of large agricultural areas using less time, cost and labor.

3- The use of modern irrigation methods, which are compatible with the types of crops.

4- Combating pests and diseases of agricultural crops using the latest methods and modern equipment.

5- Spraying agricultural fertilizers using the latest methods.

AgriT for Agriculture Technology focuses on two areas:

1) Combat of pests and diseases of agricultural crops, whether in open fields with short herbaceous cultivations (wheat, barley, alfalfa, cotton, potato, etc.) or in orchards and gardens that contain trees of all kinds and stages of growth (grapes, citrus fruits, apples, olives, palms and others).

2) Providing crops with fertilizers and agricultural tonics to develop crop production using the latest global spraying equipment.

The focus was on the following points:

The most important features of modern spraying equipment:

1- Save time spent on spraying.

2- Saving manpower, which saves the high financial cost.

3- Spraying in large areas where it is difficult to deploy a large number of individuals.

4- Saving high cost consumables in spraying.

5- Protecting individuals from diseases that may affect them as a result of working in spraying by manual methods and direct exposure to chemicals inside farms.

6- The equipment provides higher efficiency in ensuring that the spray reaches all parts of the plant.


Factors and objectives used to increase spray efficiency:

1- Reducing the droplet size on the surface of the plant.

2- Increasing the number of drops on the surface of the plant leaf.

3- Distribute the spray regularly on the surface of the plant leaf.

4- Reducing the loss of chemicals in the air or on the surface of the earth by directing the spray completely and accurately on the surface of the plant by diversifying in the forms and types of equipment that are commensurate with the shape, size and type of the plant.

5- Reducing the surface tension of the spray drop, which reduces the spread of the drop on the surface of the plant.

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