Climate Control


Climate Control based on temperature (T) & relative humidity (Rh) and Use both values to control fans and spray cooling , Add intelligence as time of day, seasonality etc. Connectivity via an app could be useful .

Input assumptions :

  • Temp sensors (internal)
  • Temp sensors (external )
  • RH sensor

Output assumptions :

  • Ventilation Fans Group A
  • Ventilation Fans Group B
  • PUMPS (Spray cooling )

The Spray cooling and Fan ventilation

  • One screen for the Spray cooling and Fan ventilation : (split Spray and Fans recommended)
  • We can operate fans only without spray or part from fans only according to climate
  • Monitor the Temperature and/or THI and status of the Cow Cooling system so I know my animals are comfortable for an optimum performance
  • Recieve messages in case of alarms/warnings

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