Irrigation and Fertilization control


We provide you with a range of different advanced options that operate automatically or manually to reduce costs and prevent waste in water or fertilizers.


Automated systems

They are advanced technical units, relying on special control devices, through which the irrigation timings or the required irrigation method are adjusted (depending on the temperature or intensity of solar radiation or according to a specific schedule with the exact dose of fertilizers (liquid or soluble) in the Irrigation water, which is measured all the time through sensors for the levels of (PH-EC) in the irrigation water according to pre-set programs, or irrigation without the use of fertilizers if the need arises, as well as through the process of backwashing the filters.

Manual systems


In which the exact amount of each specific type of fertilizer is manually adjusted (Dosatron). Which is characterized by the following:


  • Adjusting and mixing fertilizing with very high accuracy.
  • Works by water pressure.
  • Does not require any power source.
  • Easy to install, plug and play.

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