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AllYourTexts is a handy and reliable utility designed to enable you to view the text conversations from your iPhone.
It can also use your text data to show you graph visualizations of your texting behavior over time.









AllYourTexts Download [March-2022]

✔ – Screen recording
✔ – Recording time can be set to specify date, time or both,
✔ – Receive notification when recording will be saved automatically
✔ – Save and send recorded videos as mp4/3gp (compatible with iPod, iPad, iPhone, PSP, iPod, PSP)
✔ – Auto-off feature
✔ – Support many other audio & image formats
Have you ever thought about your texting history and how the phone itself deletes text messages after a certain amount of time?
With AllYourTexts, you can view and download the history of your text messages to your computer in seconds, and keep a full record of your text conversations for as long as you wish.
Using AllYourTexts you will be able to:
✔ – View your text messages on your iPhone’s screen;
✔ – Create your own backup of your text history;
✔ – Archive your old text messages (Text Drafts);
✔ – View, download and edit text conversation history on your PC/Mac;
✔ – Export or embed your text messages in presentation, audio or image formats;
✔ – Show a graph visual representation of your text messages history;
✔ – Copy text messages, share it across multiple apps;
✔ – Convert text messages to voicemail;
✔ – Access your text messages offline with emailing;
✔ – Sort your text messages using any sort criteria (by recipient, date, sender, date received, number of texts sent etc.).
Also you can use AllYourTexts to:
✔ – Export/Share your text messages to Gmail, Yahoo! and others;
✔ – Import your text messages from other SMS/MMS apps on your iPhone, like SMSSecure for Desktop and iSMSShare for Windows Mobile;
✔ – Import text messages from various popular websites;
✔ – Export/Share your text messages to popular video software, like PowerPoint, Keynote and even Facebook (make sure you have the social plugin installed).
AllYourTexts works in both portrait and landscape view modes, so you can always have it on your iPhone, at any time.
AllYourTexts is a free app, though is a very useful paid app, with a affordable price.
To use it, you will have to sign up for the online version
In case you want to do it manually, you will

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– Shows all the text messages you sent, received or stored in the Exchange server
– Search for text messages, contact names or phone numbers
– Choose the text messages to show in detail
– Personalize the conversations by adding photos, keywords, time stamps, etc.
– Add contacts by importing contacts from your address book
– Paste all the text conversations you would like to archive
– Export the archive as a CSV file
In order to make the most out of Cracked AllYourTexts With Keygen, you need to install this application on your computer.
After that, connect your iPhone to your computer via the USB cable and launch the AllYourTexts. If you don’t see the application in your iPhone’s simulator yet, you can run AllYourTexts in your iPhone, while connected to the computer.
I just downloaded this software and tried it. I think I will love it.
It’s amazing!!!
Full Screen iOS App
Some reviews from App store:
“Just what I’ve been looking for. AllYourTexts is a robust service that makes it easy to review all of the messages in your conversations. This is well-conceived, easy to use, and hopefully will see a lot of improvements.”
“Syncs Texts between iPhone and PC with ease!”
“Worked perfectly for all my conversations, the best I’ve found.”
“An excellent application that will assist you in sorting out any confusion you may have had about the way the phone works.”
“Perfect application for the person who is constantly texting and the person who’s phone only becomes a burden if they get a new one.”
“This application is well-designed, and is very easy to use. I recommend this app to anyone who needs to review text messages.”
“If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution for managing text messages, then look no further than this application.”
“How I wish I had found this application years ago.”
“It’s a great app that I’m sure will serve you well!”
“Great app that works great!”
User Reviews
“I just downloaded AllYourTexts and can already see it helping me with time wasting texts I can’t seem to get rid of.”
“I was thinking of getting an app to help me figure out what was going on in texts, and this is exactly what I was thinking of. It’s the first app I’ve actually bought for my phone and I’ll most likely be buying more.”

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–> Nice interface design!
–> Users can set up certain SMS/MMS/Web/Email servers for the app to sync.
–> Works with all iOS devices.
–> You can handle two mailboxes at the same time.
–> Handy feature for managing multiple social networks data.

+Display graph and table views of your text data.
+The graph view provides the standard email line charts (from oldest to newest).
+The table view provides the standard email table view (left to right, from oldest to newest, in chronological order).
+Rotate the graph view to change the chart date.
+Rotate the table view to change the table order (from oldest to newest to from newest to oldest).
+Customize the email view to zoom into view.
+Customize the graph view to zoom in and out.
+Set filter options for the text conversation search.
+The app will merge all your local chatting text into one email.
+”Show Me All” feature can show all the text conversations
+Two mailboxes are supported
+Offline searching and the ability to preview the search results.
+Conversation group management.
+Parent Group and Group Parent Group management.
+Group history and filter management.
+Set conversation to the most important one
+Send conversation text to MMS.
+The app is built with Objective-C.
+Multi-language support
+Supports all iOS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad)

How to use:
+Tap “Add Server…” and add the appropriate server.
+Choose the servers you wish to be synced and tap “Add”.
+Choose the text conversation to be synced in the list.
+The list view will show:
(1) Description of the server: what kind of data will be stored on the server
(2) Date the data will be synced. If you turn on “Show Me All” and tap “Show Me Now”, you can see the data are synced right now.
(3) Stored data: the text conversation is a part of the data already. You can skip this step.
(4) Enable to sync this server: turn on this switch if you want to enable it to sync your text conversations.
(5) Search the server: the “Show Me All” feature only supports the content from the server. If you want to search the server

What’s New In?

* View the text conversations (SMS, MMS, iMessage) from your iPhone
* Shows a list of conversations in chronological order
* Shows the date and time of each message
* Search for your friends
* Customize what types of conversations are shown
* Share a conversation with your friends
* View messages from a specific sender
* Hide/Show/Restore your conversations
* Search for messages
* See who has called and who has sent you a message
* Always know where you left off
* View each conversation’s history
* Send any conversation to your Mac
* Import any conversation
* Find any conversation in other apps
* View only conversation SMS/MMS/iMessage (not AIM, GTalk, or Google Talk)
* Select the text type (plain/html)
* Much more…
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Love this great app, easy for any type of users, whether you are tech geeks or just normal people, whether you have an iphone or android device.
Easy for you to find anything you need, it is really a great app for users.
And it has a beautiful interface.

If your device has Android 2.2 or greater, then you can install this.
Nice and simple app that’s easy to use. Only downsize is that you have to exit any app that’s already open to view its directory contents.

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All applications and samples work with Android 6.0 Marshmallow on phones and tablets, including Nexus, Pixel and Huawei devices.There are no plans to support Android 5.0 Lollipop, because all required changes are too large to be achieved with a greenfield development.

Avishek Agarwal, president of Maharishi Centre of Consciousness Studies and founder of Teachings of Gautama Buddha said in a statement on Thursday. The message said. “The message of his work brings about self – realization for the soul”

Great to see Google powering up Android devices to the next level by pushing the software to six and the

System Requirements For AllYourTexts:

Windows 7 64-bit
Dual core Intel processor 2.3 GHz or AMD Phenom II
9GB hard disk space
Windows XP 32-bit
8GB hard disk space
Mac OS X 10.8
Intel Core 2 Duo processor 2.3 GHz or AMD Phenom II
These requirements are quite low so it should work on a wide range of