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AutoCAD was designed to let designers work from their desktop, using the keyboard and mouse, rather than interact with a separate graphics terminal. A typical user of the original version (the first release of AutoCAD) would do almost everything by working with a 2D “paper space” and text editor, using a 2D drafting feature that included 2D and 3D drafting functions.

The 2D drafting functions of AutoCAD were preceded by paper drafting on a piece of paper, drafting with metal rulers and drafting using pry bars. These tools were used by drafters in the same way that they are still used today—to measure, sketch and draw lines, shapes and objects in the 2D view. These tools also provided measurement information, so drafters could sketch, for example, the dimensions of a portion of a building and later use AutoCAD to place that same design on a 3D model.

The development of AutoCAD began in 1980, with the first public demonstration taking place in 1981. In November 1982, the first AutoCAD Release was released for Apple II and DOS. By the end of 1982, Autodesk had created a 2D drafting environment for AutoCAD, and in 1983, an addition to the AutoCAD software was released, “AutoCAD Graphics.”

Throughout the 1980s, AutoCAD continued to evolve, adding more features and functionality. For example, the original release had text, named commands, shapes, dimensions, and views, which were added in successive AutoCAD releases. AutoCAD Release 10 introduced keyhole command, numeric command, layers, functions and a development system, while AutoCAD Release 11 introduced the Basic Drawing command and a screen refresh feature. The next major release, AutoCAD 12, introduced the Section command and Block, symbol, and dimension styles. The next release, AutoCAD 13, was the first release to contain the Advanced User’s Guide, which provides a wealth of information about AutoCAD features and functions, and in which all the keystroke and function definitions are provided.

By the end of the 1980s, as 3D CAD became more prominent in the market, AutoCAD was made capable of working with a 3D drawing database. AutoCAD Release 16 introduced the “solid” 3D capability, which enabled designers to work with both 2D and 3D drawings. In addition, AutoCAD Release 16 also introduced the concept of

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Geometric modeling and CAD software
AutoCAD 2019 now supports CAD/CAM and other software through a native method of exchange. Microsoft Excel natively imports and exports DWG documents, giving the ability to create and use standard files. AutoCAD allows the creation of parametric drawings and blocks, which can be used to build complex models.

Part of the modeling application in Autodesk Inventor are the tools to construct and create geometrical shapes. These are called Parametric Geometry or Parametric Shapes and these can be inserted into designs using the Parametric Feature object, which is the base for creating parametric geometry objects. This allows for easy creation of shapes, changing parameters to change the shape’s characteristics and any changes to these can be instantly reflected in the designer.

Database and networking
From the very beginning AutoCAD has had the ability to store information in a database. An SQL based database can be used. Microsoft SQL Server supports the Access, SQL Server, and Oracle databases. This is useful for more complex processes where there is the need to relate several drawings together.

Naming conventions

The standard naming conventions in AutoCAD are:

Sub-entities within entities:

CAD text:

Any word that begins with “Entity” is a name of a sub-entity.
Any word that begins with “Sub” is a name of a sub-entity.
Any word that begins with “Designed” is a sub-entity’s name.
Any word that begins with “Named” is a name of a sub-entity.
Any word that begins with “Entity” that is the last word of the name is the name of the sub-entity.
Any word that begins with “Entity” that is not the last word of the name is the name of the sub-entity.

As such, the name for Entity 1 (top line above) is Entity1, and the name for Entity 1.1 is Entity1.1.

Major CAD formats

While the AutoCAD software can export as many formats as is needed, not all of the features of the Autodesk CAD software can be exported or imported. If this is the case, the software in use will provide a way to import the data and save it

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What’s New in the AutoCAD?

New layout capabilities:

Design in an infinite plane using layouts and then go straight to 3D. The new plane and 3D tools provide an immersive experience where you can start and finish your design quickly. (video: 4:17 min.)

Create objects that can be imported and linked to other 3D models. Linking helps when the position of one model changes and you want to view and update the linked model at the same time. It’s great when you want to see changes in a 3D model while working on the plan view of the design. (video: 3:56 min.)

Improvements to expressions:

Expression changes and conditional formatting, along with custom formatting, can be more easily applied across a group of objects. (video: 2:30 min.)

Add more tagging options:

Whether you want to provide more control or help others understand your designs faster, more tagging options are available for all your most used objects. (video: 1:53 min.)

Advanced commands for the drawing interface:

All commands in the drawing interface can be resized to provide more space or use more of the screen with drag-and-drop functionality. (video: 1:38 min.)

Create and edit existing datums:

Autodesk’s datums are now part of the drawing process. Unlike AutoCAD’s built-in datums, which are only generated after you’ve started drawing, new datums can be generated and applied at any time. (video: 2:52 min.)

New drawing features and improvements for 2D drawings:

Two new 2D tools help you more easily manage annotations and text for 2D drawings. (video: 2:40 min.)

New 2D drawing templates that improve the workflow:

New 2D drawing templates help reduce the time it takes to start creating a 2D drawing. (video: 1:12 min.)

Add more drawing capability to 3D models:

A 3D modeling package with AutoCAD experience now lets you use everything in the drawing interface to create 3D models. (video: 1:49 min.)

Improvements to 3D modeling:

The new 3D modeling tools help you build more detailed models faster. You can now apply materials to any geometry and have your model materialized instantly. You can now align multiple

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