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Yify Torrent is a site that hosts content submitted by the public for free. Mostly, this content is submitted via a torrent file. However, Yify Torrent has recently been getting more and more files from the public as well. The site has no restriction on the number of downloads allowed per person.

Torlock is another private tracker for torrenting movies. It, however, is fairly new. However, it has got a large library of torrents. Currently, its indexed around 2,000 torrents. You can search for torrents using keywords and filters like quality, size, and format. Torlock actually has its own torrent search engine, so you dont need to download a torrent client for searching.

XYZTorrents is one of the best torrent sites, weve come across. The site has plenty of search options, as well as a handy user-friendly layout. Usually, the categories of the site are a bit over-the-top, but what more? Well, as the name implies, the site is mainly dedicated to video files. However, that doesnt mean that it doesnt have other genres, as we can see.

One of the very first torrent sites, RuTracker, is also still very active today. Its search is somewhat rudimentary, but it has a collection of free tv series, music videos, movies, and even documentaries. To add, the site is a tracker-only site. So, it doesnt allow for direct downloading of any video file. If you need a torrent for a specific video, you have to search for it first on RuTracker. What we like about RuTracker is that the user-friendly layout makes it easier to navigate.

Torrentfly, the second best torrent site, is currently in the dark. Its parent company, BitTorrent Inc, was bought by a private equity firm for only $50 million in August 2012. So, while still exist, the site is basically dead and has no content. It should be noted that the domain has also been purchased by someone else.