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Mobuntu takes a different approach in offering a completely free experience to users. Unlike other torrent sites which may charge you on the number of days you use their service, Mobuntu has no such service. The site offers torrent hosting to their users, but with an added twist – it is completely free. The website also makes use of its own brand of mobile client which allows users to download a torrent from their phones and also offer a feedback on the torrent.

TheEbookmall is my personal favourite website for downloading books as it is the only website from which I can get my hands on the ebooks I like without having to pay a single penny. At TheEbookmall, you can find any genre of books from best sellers to self-help books, fiction and non-fiction, academic books, and even DVDs and Blu-ray discs. TheEbookmall offers a single search option to help you find exactly the book youre looking for.

AppJungle is a great website for anyone looking to download and play games on your device. The site has a selection of the most popular free games including Minecraft, Angry Birds, SimCity, Need for Speed, and The Sims.

4Shared is a site that searches hundreds of thousands of cracked software programs and gives them to you for free. This website has different communities for every type of software like Mac games, Windows Games, etc. Once you click on a software, it would take you to the websites where the software is available.

Rummy Republic is a betting site where you can place bets on all kinds of games (No Silly Games). You can also download games that are not available online, by searching within the software. Rummy Republic offers some of the best casino games that are available in the market.