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Neopia provides one of the largest selection of flash games on the web. You will get various games and puzzles, like Puzzle Freeze, Sealife, Frog Crossing, Honeycomb, Monster Collection, and many more to play. However, the best feature about this website is that it also provides trophies of games to help you recognize your achievements.

Google Play is the largest and best Android market that sells apps, games, and music from developers around the globe. There are over 1.2 million apps to browse, and quite a few can be found for free, like Angry Birds and Fallout Shelter. There are also several apps to be purchased.

MediaDefender is one of the most well-known web page to download movies. This site is a well-planned site with numerous TV show episodes that are arranged into various categories. They offer various episodes so that viewers can take a peek on a new Netflix show like Altered Carbon, Humans, and Dear White People.

Mindjar is one of the most popular websites for download movies. There are various categories with movies from all over the world like India, Ghana, and China. The movies are arranged on a person’s preference by categories including comedy, action, drama, horror, and Sci-Fi.

Thepiratebay is one of the best torrent sites for people who wish to download movies, TV series, music, and other entertainment. It allows torrents of almost any kind of media file. This is the largest torrent site in the world and is a staple for those wanting to download pirated things. Everyone knows about this infamous site.

High-Definition video with an actual HD quality is quite rare nowadays, but you can make sure that at least at the start of your search, there is a high-quality video available to download. You will find all kinds of videos, whether they are educational or entertainment, ranging from cartoons to videos of TV shows and movies. The site has a lot of reviews by the uploaders themselves, so if there are any complaints on a particular video, you will know.