Best Site for download Pidgin Privacy Please Free Download

While most of the big sites on our list are good for game downloads, Uptodown is one of the few that take away the hard part. Simply enter the name of a game you want to download, and wait for it to appear in your search results. Then, click through the site to find out more about it, read ratings, and preview files before making a decision.

Torrenters can find any software theyre looking for on Booxx. While the site may seem small, it has an enormous collection. The only thing missing is a guide to the site. Otherwise, it has everything you need to navigate, download, and enjoy your software.

G2G is one of our favorite portals because it gives people that want a desktop version of a program a choice. They can use the site to download the Windows executable and install it, or they can use it to find the Mac or Linux version. The site also integrates well with torrenting sites and search engines. Just enter the name of the program you want, and you can find a download link within seconds.

Lastly, we love the kid-friendly simplicity of Nemoget. The site asks for little more than your email and a password. After you enter it, you get instant access to a list of different apps and games, and you can download them directly to your computer or share them to your friends.

Simogo regularly releases gorgeous game demos as free downloads. While many people are put off by seeing a big ‘demo’ (some of the demos are actually quite full games), theyre a good sign that the developer might be on to something.