Best Site for download Quantum Browser [Mac/Win]

We offer a large and diverse collection of cracked games. Our website will help you search for applications, and download them directly. With us, you no longer need to waste hours or days on sites that don’t work.

All you have to do is enter the link of the game you want and press download. A good alternative to is ModApk, the site is the same. It has a great community and has been around for a long time.

FileHorse comes highly recommended for diehard software fanatics who like to have hundreds of different programs installed on their computers. The site feels a bit dated, however, especially for the oft-ignored Windows world. I found its interface to be particularly clunky. FileHorse can’t compare in power to many of the sites on our best sites list. Skip it.

The home page of the site is a bit misleading; the description on the site that you’re entitled to a FULL cracked version is not completely accurate. Its only a cracked version. The site has a database of cracked apps and games (not all are official downloads) which can be found here: Free cracked games and apps.

We love their easy-to-navigate website and the fact that you can preview the app by just clicking on the app’s name and then click the download button. Also, we love the variety of the programs on here. If you’re more of a game person, this site is good for you!

FileHorse gets some positive mentions. This site has a good collection of programs. The issue I have with FileHorse is that you’re limited to what’s on FileHorse’s site. You can’t download a program from FileHorse and upload it to a private tracker. You’re also limited to what’s on the site. FileHorse is useful, but its not for everyone.