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This is a Plugin that allows you to easily add encryption to your Instant Messaging programs. ChatPatrol creates a secure connection between your IM client and the ChatPatrol server, and offers three levels of security. Level 1 protects your instant messenger and your computer from potentially malicious exploits. Level 2 secures your instant messenger connection from eavesdropping. Level 3 secures your instant messenger connection from interception.
In addition to security, ChatPatrol also protects against malware and adware, because it scans your IM programs and removes them if found. ChatPatrol runs as an application that is installed on your computer and takes up a small amount of resources. ChatPatrol is a part of our spyware detection software for Windows. It is free to download and use.
ChatPatrol is compatible with:
■ AIM (
■ AOL (
■ ICQ (
■ GoogleTalk (
■ MSN (
■ Yahoo (
Configure ChatPatrol:
ChatPatrol allows you to configure security for your IM clients. ChatPatrol will prompt you if your IM client is already connected to the ChatPatrol server, or if it is not. You will be prompted to configure security for both the IM client and the ChatPatrol server.
In the chat settings window, you can configure security by clicking the security button in the dialog box.
When the security configuration window is open, you can set the following options:
Security Level 1:
■ Obscure the contents of the screen
■ Encode URL’s
■ Send passwords in cleartext
■ Activate when user is online
■ Enable AOL sessions
■ Use 16-bit (rot) keys
■ Use 512-bit (block) keys
Security Level 2:
■ Encode URL’s
■ Send passwords in cleartext
■ Activate when user is online
■ Use 16-bit (rot) keys
■ Use 512-bit (block

ChatPatrol Crack +

ChatPatrol has a built-in mechanism for providing a MACRO facility for the messages sent on a secure communication. ChatPatrol will recognize your MACRO, compare it against the MACRO it has already been sent and if there is a difference (the MACRO differs) it will mark that message as invalid (i.e., does not allow the message to be sent). This helps to prevent malicious exploits as the message being sent is not in a valid form. The following two keys are defined in ChatPatrol for the MACRO function.
RCF refers to the type of compression that ChatPatrol uses. If a message is sent with an invalid MACRO, ChatPatrol will throw a dialog box for the user to provide a valid MACRO.
RCF The following two keys are defined in ChatPatrol for compression:
RCFl = The lowest compression setting. RCF = -2 is the default value for the most recently compressed message.
RCFl = The highest compression setting. RCF = 2 is the default value for the least recently compressed message.
The other two fields are the MACRO value and the string ID of the message that has the invalid MACRO. If the user has more than one value of the key RCF, then a list box will appear and the user can select the MACRO string to use.
RCF Values = -1, -2,…, 0, 1,…, (n-1) The number of times the value of RCF has been set (up to n). This means that each RCF value will appear n times in the list box, with n being the highest value of RCF that the user has set for that message.
RCF Key Value = nn The value of RCF for the given message.
RCF String ID = nn The string identifier associated with the RCF value of the given message.
Message Structures:
The message header portion of the message is structured as shown below.
struct Chatsim_Header {
uint32 version;
uint16 size;
uint16 uncompressed_size;
uint16 compression_type;
uint32 key_macro_id;
uint32 key_macro_rcf_id;
uint32 key_macro_value;
uint32 key_macro_string_id;
uint32 flag_received;

ChatPatrol Torrent

ChatPatrol is designed to allow applications which support proprietary instant messaging protocols, such as AOL, ICQ, MSN and GoogleTalk, to encrypt all incoming and outgoing chat communications on your PC. This allows you to securely communicate with another user over the Internet by encrypting all of your messages and having the other user’s machine “certify” that it is you who is sending the message. As long as you are the only user using ChatPatrol, your privacy will be secure.
ChatPatrol is not for general-purpose IM. It was designed specifically for IM applications like AOL, MSN and ICQ. It works by encrypting all of the chat communication you send or receive, then securely communicating with the other user’s machine. If the other user runs ChatPatrol, they can see exactly what you send and when you send it. They can, however, not read your messages.
ChatPatrol is also not for chat between two users on the same machine. It was not designed to read, send or receive IM messages from within a chat application.
ChatPatrol uses 256 bit AES encryption, which is the standard for online secure messaging. It’s what most corporate networks use and it’s what most major web sites use for authentication. It’s a technology that is fast, secure, secure and gets you the best performance.
ChatPatrol does not provide any protection from malicious exploits. However, ChatPatrol does provide an easy-to-use mechanism for configuring other IM clients to communicate with a ChatPatrol-based server. This way you can be sure that you are secure and your chat partner can be sure that you are secure.
Because of the way it was designed, ChatPatrol does not use the standard inetd.conf syntax. Instead, the program must be started manually by a user, or by an application which is running in the background. ChatPatrol must be started for every new secure connection that is needed. For example, when you launch AOL, it will detect the ChatPatrol application and start it.
Even though ChatPatrol requires a bit of effort to install, once it’s installed, it doesn’t require any further configuration. ChatPatrol will simply use the settings that are in the registry, and can even communicate with other ChatPatrol users on the same network!
ChatPatrol provides a mechanism for automatically detecting other ChatPatrol users. A user may have several other chat clients running, such as AOL, ICQ,

What’s New In?

ChatPatrol is a program developed by Charles Remeker "cblitz". The latest version is 1.5.0. This program is a very easy to use and install chat management tool. Installing the program is straightforward and consists of choosing the location where you want to place the ChatPatrol files and then clicking on the "Install" button. Once this is done you are ready to start the ChatPatrol program.
The first time you run ChatPatrol, you will be greeted with a window that asks you to select a proxy server. Once you click on the "Next" button a list of proxy servers will appear, one for each of the Instant Messaging programs that you use. It is recommended that you configure all of the proxy servers, though this is not required. Once you are done configuring the proxy servers, you will be brought to the main ChatPatrol window. At this point you will be able to log in to any of the Instant Messaging networks that you have chosen to use.
ChatPatrol has three windows which will display certain information:
* The status window
* The Chat window
* The Chat logs
The status window will display the status of all of the proxy servers that you have chosen to use. If you open a chat window the status window will indicate the current time of the chat.
The Chat window will show a list of users that are currently connected to the ChatPatrol server. Chat windows can be closed and reopened, and you will find that you are still connected to ChatPatrol as long as you have more than one user connected to ChatPatrol.
The Chat logs window will display a list of all of the Chat messages that have been logged. The Chat logs window will display an index of the logged chats at the bottom of the window. To view a particular chat, you will need to click on the chat icon next to the log.
ChatPatrol will give the user the ability to delete chat logs as well as to manually flush the chat logs, though this can be configured. ChatPatrol has a basic bug where it can't delete its own chat logs, though once you start a chat you can delete the chat logs manually. You can also manually flush chat logs as the "Flush All Logs" button can be found at the top of the Chat window.
"ChatPatrol can be configured to use "save passwords" to store passwords for other IM clients. The passwords will be stored in ".dat" files and ".pwd" files. To configure the

System Requirements For ChatPatrol:


Mac OS X
12.9 MB
ReadMe File
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