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Create DVD movies and burn them to disc, in short, burn DVD just by one click.
Cool DVD Player Crack Keygen is fully integrated with all popular tools such as WinZip, Nero, DVD Backup and other suite.
Cool DVD Player Cracked 2022 Latest Version uses Win32 API completely, no need to install any softwares, supports all PC OSs such as Windows XP,2000,2003, Vista and Windows 7.
There are three versions of Cool DVD Player; DVD Copy(1.0), DVD Copy and DVD Creator (1.0).
DVD Copy version is integrated with Nero, it can create/copy/burn DVD on your PC.
DVD Creator version is integrated with WinZip, it can burn data files, or burn DVD on your PC.
Cool DVD Player can burn data files.
DVD Creator can burn DVD.
Cool DVD Player(1.0) supports MPEG1/2/4, DVD, VCD, DSS, SVCD, HD-DVD, Hi-FLiX, MPEG-4 AVC DivX, WinRar, WIM, H.264, 3GP, MKV, MKB, AVI, MOV, WMV, JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG, Sony M2TS, and others video formats.
DVD Creator(1.0) can support most video formats.
Cool DVD Player can burn data files in several formats including ISO, DVD, VCD, VOB, M2TS, M2B, TS, AVI, MP3, WAV, WMA, AAC, OGG, FLAC and others.
Cool DVD Player supports all the popular video players, including Windows Media Player.
And WinDVD player is integrated for other popular video player.
Cool DVD Player is a multifunctional DVD player, DVD burner, DVD backup tool, DVD encoder and DVD ripper.
Cool DVD Player has a lot of DVD related functions that have been prepared to satisfy the needs of the users.
Cool DVD Player is not only a functional DVD player, it also has many other functions.
Cool DVD Player is a portable DVD player, DVD backup tool, DVD menu/title editor, DVD ripper, DVD menu maker and DVD conversion tool.
On the other hand, Cool DVD Player is a good multifunctional DVD product, as its interface is user-friendly, bright and clean.
Cool DVD Player is a completely integrated DVD product, it has the following functions.
1. Make DVD,

Cool DVD Player With Product Key Free Download PC/Windows Latest

Cool DVD Player Crack dual-core version adopts the advanced dual-core(multi-core) decoding technology, makes the perfect support to the multi-core CPU and becomes the perfect resolution in multi-core CPU time.
It can determine disc type in the DVD drive automatically and chooses the right play mode for DVD titles, video CDs, audio CDs or DivX/XviD Discs
Auto-resume and Bookmarks let you jump right to the last viewed location of DVD
Cool DVD Player Serial Key dual-core version supports up to 32 roads subtitles. Playing window menu during playback, “subtitle selection” items list all the subtitles options provided by DVD and the position can be dragged by moving the mouse.
Unique subtitles editor supports color changing, transparency, zoom, intelligent line break, subtitle boundary peaking, subtitle size adjustment, subtitle bright part edition and background part edition and subtitle precision processing.
Powerful capture function, adopt BICUIC-BSAMPLE technology zoom freely, clear and sharp and it also can browse and save the pretty pictures from your favorite movie
Smart Stretch let you enjoy any movie with 16:9 aspect ratio on any screen mode, without distortion
Powerful audio effect, completely supports AC3, DTS,MPEG,LPCM and other encoding formats, also spectrum enhancement later effect added
High precision/high performance double decoding mode, peaking process multiple deinterlacing, clearest image.
Two Screen Mode:
Dual Screen Mode:
Digital Landscape Image/Big 4:3
Digital Landscape (Auto Switch by DVD Subtitles):
LCD/LED screen:
White/blue/red/yellow/black (1.2M/2M/4M resolution support)
Automatic Display Selection:
MPEG 1/2
Support All Kind Of Audio/Video Formats:
Powerful Audio Recorder

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Adopts the advanced mult-core decoding technology, makes the perfect support to multi-core CPU and is a complete compatible media player. Support a wide variety of video formats including HDTV, DVD, VCD, MPEG1/2/4, AVI, RM, MOV, and MP3.
User interface:
Copying or editing the contents of an ISO file is very convenient, but it is very unsafe if you want to modify the contents of the ISO file, because once the file is modified, you will be no longer able to burn it.
Cool DVD Player Description:
The author claims that their DVD burner software is the best ever. Most of the other disc makers have figured out that adding bookmarks to DVD movies that they download helps improve their “speed” of playing. The DVD bookmarks feature has been included in the software and it works as advertised. If you’ve ever burned your own DVD movies on your computer and wished that you could bookmark your favorite scenes in the movie, then you will love this feature.
Cool DVD Player Description:
Some of the best DVD players for PC have been reviewed before, but if you are a fan of the DVD, you may want to check out this DVD player


CoolDVD Player dual-core version Adopts the advanced dual-core(multi-core) decoding technology, makes the perfect support to the multi-core CPU and become the perfect resolution in multi-core CPU time.

“Brickboard” interface EasyTK-BD 1.0 is a free software that allows to play or burn a DVD9 or BD9.
It has two modes:
Video DVD-9 e Video BD9.
The author claims that the program works with most hardware players, DVD burner software, and converters. It can play or burn all types of DVDs from all regions.

EasyTK8 (Plug-in) EasyTK8 (Plug-in) is a free software that allows to play or burn a DVD9 or BD9.
This version adds the following features: – format can be set either DVD9 or BD9 – Zoom (auto or manual) – image can be trimmed to the top left or right corner – this was not the case in EasyTK8.
EasyTK8 (Plug-in) is a free software that allows to play or burn a DVD9 or BD9.
This version adds the following features: – format can

What’s New in the Cool DVD Player?

CoolDVD is a kind of powerful DVD player based on dual-core,video and audio playback technology, which can quickly decode DVD format (DivX,XviD, MPEG1/2/4, AVI, RM, MOV and so on).
CoolDVD supports all kinds of formats. It is most popular media player based on dual-core.
Although dual-core with image stabilization technology, but CoolDVD still can display fine quality.
CoolDVD can also play VCD and MPEG4 formats.
CoolDVD has an eye-catching and easy-to-use interface.
Although CoolDVD be a powerful media player but still be compatible with most of portable players and car kits.
CoolDVD can support avi, rm, mp3, wav, mp4, wmv and other formats.
CoolDVD and CoolDVD video player with dual-core are compatible with dual-CPU(multi-core CPU) environment.
CoolDVD can also preview disc images, lower the DVD drive’s loading speed and provide more information for DVD title.
CoolDVD Pro Information:
CoolDVD Software is an easy-to-use software designed for the enjoyment of playing all file type, including DVD, DVD-Video, VCD, CD and other formats of different versions.
Dramatically rich in function and performance.
Support for all color – optimized HD-TV, provide simple and clear HD-TV.
High speed DVD decoder supports playback and display of triple-layer DVD or dual-layer DVD discs.
Having a powerful and double decoder, multi-process technology, which is suitable for the display of the video quality of dual-core CPU.
Support the independent pre-playing of 32V, this can keep cool during DVD playback.
Support the multi-part picture, can quickly transition from the media to the next part.
Support the playback of DirectShow, which can support the playback of all formats, including DVDs, VCD and MPEG4.
Support the playback of subtitles and the preview of the disc image, which can provide the playback screen in preview mode, the player can also be switched to playback mode to complete playback.
It supports the playback of video formats in the HTML format, the player can support the playback of audio formats.
Dual-core operation supports playback mode, so as to provide flexibility in the dual-core CPU environment.
Media Playback Features:
* Device detection technology and search for the best settings, so that

System Requirements For Cool DVD Player:

Intel® Core™ i7/i5/i3, AMD Phenom™ II x4 or better, 2.0 GHz or faster CPU
50 GB Free Hard Disk Space
1024 x 768 Display Resolution
DirectX 9.0
Installing Process:
1. Extract the download.
2. Double click on the “INF” icon on the desktop.
3. Click on the “Setup” icon to start the installation.
4. Select the “