Cube IQ 4 0 !FREE! Full Version

Cube IQ 4 0 !FREE! Full Version



Cube IQ 4 0 Full Version

Cube-IQ is a load optimization platform that allows logistics professionals to streamline operational processes by managing loads, containers, and products. Using the built-in database engine, managers can import and export files in CSV, Excel, or XML formats, and share the database across multiple users in compliance with ODBC regulations.

However, there are companies that offer a comprehensive platform of such tools. Cube-IQ serves as an approach to optimizing transport operations. It is based on the Microsoft-BizTalk Services, which are used to create BizTalk-enabled shipping solutions for companies of all types. Thus, Cube-IQ is an API-based solution that can be integrated with virtually any logistics solution. Cube-IQ is a complete cross-platform solution for transport optimization. The first release was launched by FAP in 2004. The first application version of the Cube-IQ 4 0 Full Version engine was released in May 2009, and the support for the Microsoft.NET Framework 4 was added in the next update, in April 2009.

This news made it difficult for all companies and enterprises to work with OLAP cub-files in XML. They now had to extract and load data from cub-files on their own. Web-ORB delivers a safe way to load OLAP cubes, regardless of the type of cube file. It also enables developers to use this technology to load or extract data from cubes that are not created by Cube-IQ, by changing the XML code. For example, XML-files can be easily modified to extract cube-data for PivotTable reports or PivotChart reports. Or, a developer could modify data for reports that a customer might create on this data.