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You don’t have to grab your phone or a camera to record something that’s happening on your desktop. If you need simple screenshots, this can be accomplished with a button on your keyboard, and even video recordings can be performed with specialized applications like Desktop Screen Record.
Record the whole screen or a custom area
The application holds all of its features in a classic window frame, with most of the space used for a general description that is more than enough to get you up and running in a jiffy. All controls you you need are found in the upper toolbar, with various other customization and quality options to be found.
The main purpose is to record screen activity in a video. This can be done either for the whole screen, the window frame region, or a fixed area which you configure by writing down numerical values for position. To better emphasize details, there are options to change the cursor, or make it more visible by having it highlighted with a custom color.
Configure emphasis and quality options
Once the recording starts, the main window doesn’t go away unless you way so. Luckily, it can be minimized to system tray, and there’s even built in hotkey support for more comfort and less effort. When the process is halted, a browse dialog shows up so you can specify the save location. Unfortunately, you can’t set a default one for automatic saving.
On the other hand, Desktop Screen Record lets you configure a whole lot of other details. For more quality, you can manage encoder to use, and tweak corresponding values, decide whether or not to include sound, or include notifications whenever the keyboard is used in the recording session.
To end with
Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Desktop Screen Record comes in handy for creating tutorials when working on your desktop with difficult tasks. Multiple emphasis methods can be used for the cursor and keyboard interaction, with hotkey support to make things easier, and thorough descriptions for quick accommodation.


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Desktop Screen Record Download For Windows

Easily record your desktop screen activity to save it as a video file for use in tutorials. Ideal for beginners to learn about the features and functions of your operating system.

Record to disk the whole desktop or a specific area.
Set display cursor and keyboard control for the recording session.
Manage encoder settings to allow more precise control over the video output.
Set video and audio quality for more effect.
Set a custom location to save the files.
Include sound and toggle the keyboard.
Include notifications so you know when the recording session is over.

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What’s new in version 0.0.0133.9235-a:
– Added a Command line tool that allows scripting command line commands

Desktop Screen Record

If you need to make a 30-minute tutorial for your desktop, we suggest Desktop Screen Record. It’s a program that is simple to use, easy to configure and convenient. Desktop Screen Record lets you grab screenshots of the desktop and record it all with time stamp, video and sound. It allows you to configure area, color and outline while recording. It also comes with easy to use automatic quality control to ensure high quality. You can record a whole screen or an area and there’s lots of features available to customize it further.

Desktop Screen Record 1.32.1 –
Windows & Macintosh…
Freeware download of Desktop Screen Record 1.32.1, size
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Desktop Screen Record is a Screen Recorder program for Windows and macOS. It allows you to take screenshots of any part of your Desktop,…

Desktop Screen Record Deluxe 1.0
Desktop Screen Record Deluxe is a Screen Recorder program for Windows and macOS. It allows you to take screenshots of any part of your Desktop, record screen activity or start recording and end it anytime you…

GetDesktop Screen Record 1.3
Desktop Screen Record 1.3 is a Screen Recorder program for Windows and macOS. It allows you to take screenshots of any part of your Desktop, record screen activity or start recording and end it anytime you…

Video Top Record
Video Top Record Pro is a Screen Recorder program for Windows and macOS. It allows you to take screenshots of any part of your Desktop, record screen activity or start recording and end it anytime you want….

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Desktop Screen Record Deluxe 1.2
Desktop Screen Record Deluxe is a Screen Recorder program for Windows and macOS. It allows you to take screenshots of any part of your Desktop, record screen activity or start recording and end it anytime you…

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Windows 10 Desktop Screen Record 1.1
Windows 10 Desktop Screen Record is a Screen Recorder program for Windows. It allows you to take screenshots of any part of your desktop or video of the entire screen and record it, or start recording and end it anytime you…

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UltraScreenRecorder 1.2.1

Desktop Screen Record Crack Activation Code [April-2022]

Record the whole desktop on a video or just a region of it.
Handles mouse usage and gives hotkey support.
Allows customization of cursor.
Supports simple screenshots.
Doesn’t require any external software.

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What’s New In Desktop Screen Record?

More than likely, you’ve used a screenshot tool at least a few times. If you’ve got a handy Command Line and Bash, you can use a nifty tool that has a small footprint called Screenshots.
The application lets you take screenshots and save them for further use. Screenshots is designed for large files, but it may not be the most user-friendly application on the list. There’s also a built-in scrot to do the same job.
Screenshots uses a small dialog box which you can resize, hide, and move where you want. The basic layout leaves a lot to be desired in terms of design choices.
Once the import process is finished, you can easily edit and transform the image. If you choose to save it in PNG format, it will come with a set of quality options like size, color space, and compression.
There are a few more things that are worth noticing. For example, Screenshots can be set to automatically take screenshots for you when a specified event happens.
A general dialog is present as you work with the app. This includes a progress bar to monitor the process, a button to cancel it, and a list of imported images for safekeeping.
Unfortunately, it’s a matter of chance that Screenshots will work properly on your computer. It’s a competent tool, but it’s not a universal solution for taking screenshots on a whole.

If you’re looking for a solid time tracking software that will let you log your time in a more accurate way than a simple task manager, then Toggl should be your next choice.
The application operates in a simple way by having a set of main tabs that are mostly eye-catching and easy to use. In the left pane of the main window, you can see a list of your upcoming tasks for the day.
The main tabs let you work with your tasks in different ways. They can be sorted by due date, category, name, or project. When you click on a category, the list of tasks within it will be sorted in a further order.
One of the most useful aspects of Toggl is that you can customize its display to your liking. This means that you’ll be able to change the columns available, the header of the main window, and also the location of the tabs.
Even though the application may lack in some ways, it’s worth noting that it will give you an

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 10 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core i5 – 2.2 GHz
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Processor: Intel Core i5 – 3.6 GHz
Memory: 8 GB RAM
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