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If you have an old computer that is still running an old operating system because its specifications do not permit it to run Windows XP, you can still enjoy the look of XP by installing eXPerience Pack.
It can customize a wide range of visual elements, such as startup and shutdown logos, icons, sounds and the overall theme, by replacing them with XP-inspired ones.
It needs to be mentioned from the beginning that this software package can only be run on computers running Windows 2000 or older, so if your OS is a new one, you need to look for another app that makes it resemble XP.
During the installation, you get the possibility to select which elements you want to personalize, while also enabling or disabling the option to hide the shortcut arrow from your system.
If, for some reason, the theme on your PC is not updated once you restart the computer, you can manually try to activate it by navigating to the Control Panel, then accessing the Appearance sub-section found in the Display section.
Additionally, you can also choose to rebuild the icon cache in case they are not correctly displayed.
A handy function of eXPerience Pack is that it creates a backup of your current configuration before updating it to resemble Windows XP. This way, you can easily revert to the default look whenever you grow tired of the XP-inspired one, without too much hassle or effort on your side.









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Version: 3.5

Size: 78.07 MB

Rating: 3.53


License: trial

Pricing: 12 USD


User Reviews:

Version: 3.5

Updated: Jul 31, 2012

Rating: 3.53

This software is provided by the developer ad an independent third party and is neither made, sponsored, supported, or affiliated by Microsoft. The OEM product logo and Windows logo are property of their respective owners.Q:

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EXPerience Pack Crack

eXPerience Pack Cracked Version is a free, shareware application that allows you to customize your Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista desktop to resemble Windows XP’s.
It offers a wide variety of Windows desktop settings, such as the startup and shutdown screens, icons, sounds and the overall theme.
Furthermore, if you wish to try the software out on your old computer, you will be able to play with the visual elements that match Windows XP.
It’s shareware, so you’re not asked to register an account or pay for it.
Now we’ll take a quick look at some of the top reasons why users choose eXPerience Pack Serial Key.
Features Overview:
A quick look at some of the features that are available in eXPerience Pack 2022 Crack will help you decide whether this app would suit your needs.
Theme Customization:
The possibility to use any of the more than 2,500 XP-like themes available for the desktop allows you to set a look that matches your personal preference and demands.
You can even choose to apply a 16-bit-like look.
Shortcut Arrow:
If you do not want the look of Windows XP to show on your desktop, you can always disable the arrow.
However, the arrow can be found in many other windows, like the Start menu, taskbar, Control Panel and so on.
Furthermore, the program allows you to customize the shortcut arrow to match other visual elements.
Miniature Backgrounds:
eXPerience Pack offers a wide range of miniature backgrounds, such as the minimap, desktop wallpapers, welcome and shutdown screens and so on.
You can select which ones you want to apply.
Startup Page:
You can use any of the startup pages that are provided in the program and select either a basic, default or animated one.
Windows Icons:
You can select which icons you want to use in your desktop.
If you prefer, you can use both the XP-themed and the default ones.
eXPerience Pack also offers more than 15 screensavers available for the desktop.
You can set the type of animation, the duration and the speed at which they are played.
Furthermore, each screen saver comes with different themes.
The program allows you to use a wide range of sounds and customize their duration.
You can select from more than 65 sound files.
The APT package that is available here has several mult

EXPerience Pack Crack+ Free

No more annoying startup and shutdown logos, a simple yet clever XP-themed boot screen and even a cursor theme.

Add stickers to any application.

Customize the wallpapers and sounds of your desktop and system.

Add a sound to the logoff and shutdown screens.

Easy to use.

Compatible with Windows 2000 and up.


Windows XP

Microsoft Tablet PC Edition


You can easily install new themes or reset to the original Windows XP theme after installation.

Logo and Background:

Change the “chameleon” theme of the XP logon screen, customize the user icon, change background, and even apply a screen saver.


Change the background and the colors of the wallpaper on your desktop, including the desktop icons.

Mouse Icon:

Change the mouse pointer on the desktop and the taskbar.


Add a sound to your logon and shutdown screens and system sounds, even run a Windows Explorer.

To run eXPerience Pack, you must first download it from the Internet and extract the archive, which contains a batch file named XP.exe. Just double-click on the XP.exe file to execute it.

Double-clicking the.exe file will launch the installation process.

As part of the installation, you are prompted to install the IE7 Custom Theme Preview by clicking the Yes button, since it is the only feature that the program requires.

You can now restart your computer. As soon as the logon screen appears, you will be greeted with the new, eXPerience Pack-themed XP desktop image.

The desktop, icons, sounds and startup screen are now all XP-themed. You can perform a variety of actions to customize the look and feel of your eXPerience Pack-modified XP desktop.

If you want to revert to the original Windows XP desktop and remove the customized parts, you will be able to do so by pressing Alt+F4 on your keyboard.


If you have an old computer that is still running an old operating system because its specifications do not permit it to run Windows XP, you can still enjoy the look of XP by installing eXPerience Pack.

The creators of this software package have made it compatible with a wide range of OS versions, so you shouldn’t have

What’s New In?

The program includes a set of 10-30 XP-inspired themes that you can apply to your PC with just a click of a button.

Themes created by this software include an XP-inspired icons set and a Windows XP and Windows Vista-inspired Startup and Shutdown sounds.

While most of the XP-inspired themes are limited to the system icons, the Starter Pro version includes an additional 20,000 entries of custom icons that you can use for any kind of personalizing your PC.

Finally, this toolkit includes more than 600 XP-inspired sounds, most of which are used in Windows XP and others in Windows Vista, so it will leave your computer “in tune” with the OS.

About eXPerience Pack:

eXPerience Pack was developed by the same team that has developed other popular programs, including XP-themed themes, such as XP Picture Spinner, XP Visualizer and XP Theme.

Their team of programmers is always making tweaks and improvements to their existing programs in order to make sure that they are always at the forefront of the competition.

They are not only a fine example of professionalism and reliability, but also a bunch of friendly individuals who are always eager to help out users that they have never met before, or users that use their software for free.

They also have a very active forum that allows you to find help and ask questions about the program, or about any other particular problem.

One of the limitations that I found in this software is that you can only use this tool to customize a Windows XP-like theme for your computer, not for a Windows Vista or Windows 7.

Unless you are willing to program your own, you are not able to receive a true XP Experience.

This toolkit is also very limited in terms of customization and it doesn’t let you to set things like fonts, system sounds and so on.

However, you can personalize and customize the Startup and Shutdown sounds to make your computer look just like XP.

On the other hand, the program is very easy to use, the steps are nicely presented and the speed is very impressive.

Besides, it is fully compatible with Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

It does not limit itself to just applications, but you can use its function to customize the way your computer looks as well, so when you wake up in the morning and it looks as if you are

System Requirements:

Redwood City, CA, USA – 18 Apr 2017
We have added support for the 11 and 13″ MacBook Pro.
The 9″ MacBook Pro will no longer be supported.
We recommend you set your display size to ‘Retina’ quality. Resolution of at least 2560 x 1440 is necessary.
MacBook Pros no longer come with a GPU, we only support the NVIDIA 9400M.
MacBook Pros with Intel HD Graphics will no longer be supported.
GPU version: GeForce GT 650M