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Creating professional reports for various types of applications is a job for dedicated tools and, depending on the type of documents created, a special application for reading them could also be required.
One of the tools that is built just for handling a proprietary document format is FastReport Viewer. This utility is ready to open, save and print FP3 prepared reports, displaying the content inside a simple and very clean interface.
The set of commands that this program is equipped with also includes zoom in and zoom out capabilities, as well as a handy search function to help you locate the needed content with ease. For a better perspective of the selected document, it is possible to expand it into the full screen view with a single mouse click.
Insofar as the zooming options are concerned, there are some extras you can access from the main toolbar of FastReport Viewer, as opposed to the simple in or out commands which are available from the right-click menu. Thus, you can pick one of the available zooming ratios expressed in percents or have the document fit the page width or fill the page and keep this setting when the window is resized.
Other functions at your disposal include the report outline and the thumbnail view which are both useful for reports having multiple pages. In case you need to perform some detailed tweaking of the page in the current view or for the entire document, the 'Page Settings' area offers size, orientation and margin related adjustments.
All things considered, FastReport Viewer is indeed the tool to use when it comes to managing FP3 reports. It is well equipped and very easy to use, which will make it the application of choice for many users.









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FastReport Viewer Cracked Version is a free viewer that allows you to view the report in a nice user-friendly Windows program.
You can choose to view your company’s reports, create reports on your own data or simply view third-party reports with no hassle.


FastReport Viewer

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Basic functions:
View report.
Create links to other documents.
Import report documents.
Export report documents.
Create PDF files from images.
Create word-processed files from images.
Choose a page size.
Adjust margins.
Adjust report margins.
Create an outline.
Create an index.
Print report.
Page settings.
Read images.
Zoom in/out.
Fit to screen.
Retrieve report content.
Print reports.
Read reports.
Zoom to fit.
Zoom out.
Zoom to fit.
Zoom in.
Zoom out.
Supports reading of proprietary documents (FP3).
Supports reading of PDF documents.
Supports reading of Microsoft Word documents.
Supports reading of Microsoft Excel documents.
Supports reading of HTML documents.
Supports reading of images.
Supports reading of other formats (natively).
Supports reading of arbitrary URLs.
Supports reading of compressed archive folders.
Supports Zip archive reading.
Supports html.
Supports csv.
Supports txt.
Supports doc.
Supports docx.
Supports xls.
Supports xlsx.
Supports ppt.
Supports pptx.
Supports rtf.
Supports txt.
Supports csv.
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FastReport Viewer has a simple and clean interface that will make it easy to locate what you need and reach it quickly. The entire document displayed in the window is initially in the compact view, but this option can be changed for a more detailed view with just one mouse click. Other features include two familiar command bars at the top and bottom, zoom in and zoom out functionalities and a search bar for quickly locating the necessary content in the report. A mouse click of the left mouse button toggles the content from basic view to full screen view. On the right side of the window, you’ll find report outline and thumbnail view facilities. Alongside the document file icon, there are also options to save, print and stop the currently viewed document.
Do you use a report created with the FastReport function? Is it for any type of application? How do you need to use it, handle it? How you managed to go about reading it? Perhaps you do not need to read it, but simply look at it as a means of confirming something? To determine the answers to these questions, we invite you to join us in a webinar on September 28 (Friday at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. EST) on a subject that is very important to many of you. This webinar is titled “Full Report Viewer: Managing a Report with a Big Team”.
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What’s New In?

FastReport Viewer is a very small, simple and easy to use application that offers all the tools you need to manage proprietary FastReport documents, including printing, zooming in and out, saving, opening and closing.
The program comes with an extensive help file which contains detailed information about the program’s features.
FastReport Viewer Free Download is one of the easy to use software package that everyone can be proud of. The program quickly helps you to solve your problems or is ready to perform various tasks, like opening, saving, printing, and zooming in and out documents. Using this tool you can easily manage any type of reports, whether they are simple or complex. This software quickly reminds you if there is a problem, and help you solve them.

FastReport Viewer is one of the fastest software that can handle any type of files quickly. Moreover, this tool has the ability to analyze the content of the document to detect keywords and then integrate them in the report.

FastReport Viewer offers many features to help you efficiently edit, search and print the content of your reports. In addition, you can export the content to help you build a new report from the current content of the document.

This software offers many features and is able to help you build any type of document and manage files that contain several pages and much more. One of the most useful tools that FastReport Viewer provides is the option to export the report to a new document, making the process of building the report very easy and efficient.

FastReport Viewer is an extremely simple and easy to use tool that comes with a wide range of other options, such as the ability to print reports, save it, view its content, and generate the report outline. You can also easily find the keyword that you have entered in the report so that you can edit the content of the report accordingly. With the help of this tool, you can easily detect the keywords in the content of your documents.

It is simple to use and handles all files with ease. It is very powerful and helps you create and edit a report in a few easy steps. The program has the capacity to detect the keywords in your document and to display them on a report. You can easily print reports on a range of printers using this tool.

FastReport Viewer has the ability to display, save, and print the content of the document and it also detects all the keywords and images that you have added to the report. You can export the

System Requirements For FastReport Viewer:

RAM: 512 MB is recommended, and 1 GB is highly recommended
Operating System: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/2003, or Macintosh OS 9.1.1 or newer
Display: 640×480 (VGA)
While we do not guarantee that our games will work on your specific computer, they are designed and tested on a number of machines to ensure that they will work well.