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See Robert Dolph. The Engineering of History: The Shaping of American Protest (Westport, Conn., 2009).
Alan Hilberg, Visiting Professor of Education at the Jesuit Baruch College in New York, in the context of “Bologna + America” ​​- scientific aspects of the new development of capitalism
André Fleischmann, director of the Syndey Society, in an interview with Free Comment (January 18, 2017), YouTube.
April 19, 2017.

Gary Zisman, historian of European Jewry, in Down With The Nazis (Arizona, 2010).

As applied to America, including in conjunction with external forces that would like to rule modern America, inside America – in a “melting pot”, and not in a safe “bourgeois” kitchen (English).
Communist theorists, backed by the Soviet Union, sought to portray American history and economics as the Holocaust and American corporations as “racist” or “fascist.” — (English)

Douglas Smith, a former US Agency for International Development (USAID) and CIA officer, co-wrote the book “Insurrection: Armed Rebellion in World War II” with Robert Jordan, in which