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Gta V Ps4 Save Editor

hi! i can save individual missions and save them. but whenever i try to load one with the save game command in the mission selection screen, it just says “saved successfully”. also, there isn’t a folder for saved games in the save game section.

the save game system is basically broken, i’m trying to save some of the missions i’ve created. it works fine save file for 1 mission, when i try to save another one it only saves the saved skin, not any of my other settings (i’ve created a character to test it out, and made 2 save files, 2 at first and 2 more after changing some options). if it wasn’t for the saving i guess it would be fine, but if i want to play with the settings i don’t want to lose them either. is there anyway to save them?

i like the editor for pnp, but for gta v there is a lot to fix, particularly with the save code. i tried the xml first, but that only worked for a little while. anyway, here are the issues and bugs that i found:
the first problem is that you can’t save a mission if you are in the mission builder and the save game dialogue has the window open on one of your tabs. the.xml file format has most of the changes in a way that it stops loading after the length of the save file is reached, and it only handles the format of some of the save operations. the save code is pretty difficult to re-work, and most of the issues are covered by the xml format. however, changing the save code into the xml format is a good idea if you have more time and it can solve all the problems that i have.

i want to add some information in my savegames, but it just wont work. i edited the savegame.xml. but if i save my mission or save the game the file gets overwritten, how can i add my comments in the savegames?