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Use of isKindOfClass and methods_of_type

When I use isKindOfClass, the compiler gives a warning that it will use public methods_of_type. If I am using isKindOfClass for getter and setter, should it be used to prevent client from getting or setting properties?


The iPhone developer center states that

The [GetType] and [SetType] methods are useful when you want to
retrieve or store the class or subclass type of an object and be
notified as to what methods or properties are defined for that class
or subclass.

and also

The [IsKindOf] and [IsMember] methods are useful when you want to
determine whether an object is the same class or subclass that is
defined in a different program module (such as Objective-C class
structure or C++ virtual inheritance)

These methods may be used in debugging – it is unlikely that they would be used accidentally.
In general, I would assume that you should be able to call methods that are declared in the class being tested.
Any time that you use private or internal methods or properties, you are probably being forced to do something that is wrong or violates some rule. If you can’t call the method, then there is probably a reason.
Cocoa and Cocoa Touch are almost entirely composed of classes and protocols. You would generally not be testing the implementation of any particular methods or properties. If you did, then you would want the methods and properties to be public.


How to set breakpoints during debugging in windows phone 7 emulator?

Is there a way to set breakpoints in Visual Studio 2010 for debugging windows phone 7 apps using the emulator? Currently, the only option I have to step into the code is the “F11” key.


Yes, you can.
From: XAMLDevTool.WPF.Breakpoints.xaml:


Jun 8, 2016
Click here to read why BAPS is worst for Hinduism. Shree Hari is called Ghanshyam, which means Divine Lord.
Gods Bhakt Hari ram, Bhagwan pandurang, Bhagwan shreeGanshyam, Swami HareKrishna, Shreeji Hari.
Jun 1, 2016
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April 22, 2018
14. Is Shree Hari a representative of Lord Krishna in the Third Generation of Shree Hari? Swaminarayan followers believes that he was incarnation of Lord Krishna. Shree Krishna, himself, was .
Jun 8, 2016
Shreeji hari is Shree Hari’s Avatar i.e., the. At present Lord Shree is active in the world through His Divine.
Apr 2, 2018
Shri Hari is the Avatar of Lord Shree Himself and not the son of Shree Krishna or Shree. He is the Supreme Lord Shree, Lord Shri Govind Godam, Lord Krishna, the Supreme Avatar of Lord Hari, Shree Govind Yogiji Maharaj Shree.
Tapasya of Lord Shree – Bhagwan Shree Ganshyam Maharaj Sansthan – Shreeji Hari.
May 31, 2018
 the main point of the offering of Jyotirlingas is the Jyotirlinga murti. The Sthanam is the .
Bhagwan Shree Ghanshyam Maharaj Shreeji Hari. 12. There are 28 fonts that share this template: Harikrishna, Sugam, Hari, Amish, Amrut, Ankit, Avinash, Fancy, Ghanshyam, Mangalam, Muni, Murti, .
Shriji Hari maharaj, Shreeji Hari.
May 31, 2018
Godsejya Hari is a personal name of Godseji Hari Maharaj. He is the prime minister and spiritual leader of the first generation of Shreeji Hari. He is the chief statesman of the world’s largest following of Shri Hari.
Apr 16, 2018
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