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Keeping all the important files on a portable device might be a good idea, since you never know when a computer might get hacked. HDDtoGO is a nice program that was designed to help keep personal data available everywhere you go.
The app has a simple interface and a clean layout, making it easy to figure out by all users, regardless of how much previous experience they have.
As mentioned, the app can enhance the functionality of your portable storage device. It makes it possible to easily work in a protected environment that enables users to synchronize the data and remove traces of the activity on the go.
The app can be used to keep the bookmarks from Internet Explorer and Firefox synchronized. It may also keep the emails from Outlook Express and Windows Mail on the portable device so you always have them with you.
The program is also capable of encrypting the data by letting you set up a password. It may also help you surf the Internet without leaving traces behind with Internet Explorer and Firefox.
All in all, HDDtoGO is a handy tool that can be quite useful to have installed on a flash drive or any other type of portable hard drive. Less experienced individuals should find it easy to handle, thanks to the intuitive layout and its overall simplicity.


Download 🗹 https://tinurll.com/2mxuuf

Download 🗹 https://tinurll.com/2mxuuf






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-Synchronizes data between computers and portable drives.
-Synchronizes bookmarks from Internet Explorer and Firefox.
-Synchronizes emails from Outlook Express and Windows Mail.
-Synchronizes data between portable and non-portable hard drives.
-Encrypts the data before synchronizing it.
-Keeps the data you are synchronizing protected from unauthorized access.
-Keeps the communication with the desktop computers undetected.
-Synchronizes the firewall setting.
-Automatically synchronizes the passwords and other sensitive information from the desktop computers.
-Automatically synchronizes the emails from desktop computers.
-Automatically synchronizes the settings of the desktop computers.
-Keeps the messages from Outlook Express.
-Keeps the messages from Windows Mail.
-Keeps the history of the browser.
-Keeps the history of the desktop.
-Keeps the history of the remote computer.
-Keeps the history of the contacts from the desktop computers.
-Keeps the history of the conversations with the desktop computers.
-Keeps the window size and the browser position.
-Keeps the local contacts and local messages.
-Keeps the favorite web sites.
-Keeps the favorite passwords.
-Keeps the extensions for Internet Explorer and Firefox.
-Keeps the Internet Explorer cookies.
-Keeps the Internet Explorer history.
-Keeps the Internet Explorer menu bar.
-Keeps the Internet Explorer autocomplete.
-Keeps the Internet Explorer search bar.
-Keeps the Internet Explorer favorites.
-Keeps the Internet Explorer favorites and the Internet Explorer tab position.
-Keeps the Internet Explorer address.
-Keeps the Internet Explorer desktop.
-Keeps the Internet Explorer mailto: links.
-Keeps the Internet Explorer passwords.
-Keeps the Internet Explorer forms.
-Keeps the Internet Explorer spellcheck.
-Keeps the Internet Explorer status.
-Keeps the Internet Explorer search engines.
-Keeps the Internet Explorer mouse.
-Keeps the Internet Explorer fonts.
-Keeps the Internet Explorer web search.
-Keeps the Internet Explorer tab position.
-Keeps the Internet Explorer right-click menu.
-Keeps the Internet Explorer places menu.
-Keeps the Internet Explorer favorites.
-Keeps the Internet Explorer search.
-Keeps the Internet Explorer taskbar

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HDDtoGO Serial Key is a free USB flash drive file backup software that allows you to copy your data from one computer to another. This free tool enables you to convert your data from one file type to another. You can copy data from one folder to another folder, directly from one USB flash drive to another USB flash drive or from one computer to another.

FTP Copy is a free utility for Windows XP/Vista/Win7 with a light interface. It allows you to use the PASTE function of Windows to easily transfer large files. The program is entirely free and its interface is extremely intuitive.

FTP Copy is a powerful application that creates an easy connection and upload/download of files. It offers a simple user interface and is equipped with FTP capabilities. It also allows for automatic, fast synchronization.

Download FTP Copy now and start being a FTP master.

FTP Copy Screenshot:

Time series chart of FTP Copy downloads and updates, by version.

Tracker Software & Download manager is a software utility, which helps you get the latest security updates automatically, completely and safely. It is based on our popular FTP tool.
No need to visit Web sites with FTP client.
It is ideal for people who are often traveling to various countries or to other cities.

Track Software & Download manager efficiently tracks the changes in the file list.

Remote control of your PCs or LAN devices is facilitated by software components: all kinds of remote software can be installed and operate on your PC or other LAN equipment, such as video surveillance cameras, network cameras or security devices. Remote Control software can also be used to control PCs and PCs from mobile devices, handheld PCs, laptops and notebooks.

Our all-in-one Remote Control software includes the Internet Control Panel (ICP), which enables the user to remotely control multiple PCs from his/her mobile device (for example, a smartphone or tablet PC). The ICP is an access console, which acts as an information portal for your Windows PC.

Our remote software supports the following protocols: RDP (remote desktop protocol), RMI (remote method invocation), SSH (secure shell), TFTP (TFTP server), Telnet, HTTP, HTTPD (HTTP server), HTTPS (secure HTTP), HTTPS (HTTP secure), FTP, SOCKS, ICA and HSRP.

Our software is updated frequently and does not use any resources on the computer or on your mobile device.

HDDtoGO License Key Full Free For PC

– Keep all your important files on a portable device available for you wherever you go.
– All of your data from different USB storage devices is synchronized and easy to access
– Keeps important information, such as e-mail, bookmarks, and passwords synchronized from Internet Explorer and Firefox for your safety, and with a clean and simple interface.
– Supports all devices that are connected to the computer, including SATA, USB, FireWire, and external drives.
– Can encrypt the data that is backed up to your portable device

DriveSavers for Windows can backup and restore your Windows hard drives in only minutes. This is highly recommended to keep a backup copy of your important data. Before backing up all your data, you should take a moment to read the features available and learn about the program.
DriveSavers for Windows can be purchased as a freeware. It is a useful utility that is designed to make the backup process as fast and simple as possible.
It has the ability to scan the entire hard drive for any possible mistakes, viruses or other intrusive files.
The app also enables users to backup or restore the files stored on network drives, such as a shared folder on a server.
The program is designed to work with FAT, NTFS, and HFS+ filesystems. You should be able to backup data from SATA, PATA, and FireWire hard drives, as well as flash memory drives.
DriveSavers for Windows can easily make a backup of just about anything, including the boot partition, the operating system, user profiles, computer games, music and video files, and data from external storage devices. The instructions found at the user’s guide guide the average user through the process, making it easy for them to get started.
If you are looking for a quick way to back up and restore your Windows hard drives, then DriveSavers for Windows might be the perfect fit for you. Read more at AppsOnPC.com.

SysInfoTools is a non-commercial, easy to use and free software that can generate a system information report of your Windows operating system. The information is based on detailed system and hardware information, and include CPU, memory, storage, installed programs, graphics card, and more.
SysInfoTools has an intuitive user interface, and simple to understand and easy to use. It can be easily used by the users who are inexperienced, yet it is capable of performing all the functions that a more advanced and professional user would want from a

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The GM Live Wallpapers app is a bundle that includes two interesting live wallpaper applications, that may be useful to keep your smartphone or tablet alive for hours at a time.
The first one is GM Live Music Wallpaper that can make your device look like it’s embedded into a private concert venue.
The second one is GM Live Weather Wallpaper, that can transform your device into a real-time weather map that is constantly updating.
The music app features a large number of songs that can be played through the phone, such as jazz, pop, and classic rock.
The weather app is equally versatile and offers such music channels as random information and podcasts. You may even choose to listen to your favorite music channel in real time.
Those who enjoy the stability of live wallpapers should definitely download GM Live Wallpapers, as they are some of the best ones I have come across for Android devices.
GM Live Wallpapers Description:

Magic Words is an exciting little game that you can play with an Android phone or tablet. It’s the kind of game that will make you jump in excitement and you’ll want to play it over and over.
The idea of the game is pretty simple. You need to pick words from an ever growing list, until you find a match.
The words that the game will load will be displayed in a grid and when you see a word that you can match, you will be notified. You can then attempt to find the word in the grid and you will be able to place your tile on the space that it occupied. The tiles can be used later on to eliminate words, allowing you to find more matches.
As you play, you will have your choice of two modes: Word Free and Word Concentration. Word Free gives you a long list of words to pick from, while Word Concentration gives you only ten words to pick from.
The game uses some rather interesting tactics to match words, like changing the background color, and it keeps it interesting for as long as you keep playing.
It’s not the flashiest game, but it does offer a lot of variety and if you’re looking for something light and fun, it’s a good choice.
You can download Magic Words from Google Play and keep it installed on your device for use anytime you want.
Magic Words Description:

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System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
CPU: Intel Dual Core 2.4 GHz (Quad Core will be better) or better
RAM: 2 GB recommended
Graphics: GeForce 760 or better, ATI/AMD Radeon HD 2000 series or better
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
Network: Internet connection
Storage: 700 MB available space
Other:.NET Framework 4.0 or later