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Create one-click sets of rules for web browser settings and white lists to protect websites against text control.
In addition, it provides a text-to-speech engine for users who are visually impaired.
Helperbird is a web browser extension for Google Chrome that allows users to customize various settings of the browser. The extension has been in beta for three years.
Suitable for:
The extension is targeted at the visually impaired.
Download Helperbird for Google Chrome
HELPERBIRD has been downloaded 53 times
Latest Version:

Rouge is a free and open source web browser extension that helps users log in to a website simply by checking a box. It is fast and simple, but does not include the use of an avatar. Instead, users will be prompted to upload a personal photo of themselves. If the photo is not accepted, users will be prompted to again upload the photo. If that fails, users are told to select from a plethora of common photos of men and women that can be found on the internet.
More to the point, Rouge is one of the few free extensions available on the Chrome Web Store. The free version of the extension is ad-supported while the premium version is supported through donations.
As for the description of the extension itself, it’s quite simple and it reads:
Rouge – a simple browser extension that easily logs you in to websites.
Github –
The extension does not seem to have any specific requirements.
Additional comments:
As for the app itself, it may need an update. Although the extension is free, the page mentions a donation. The number of downloads is at low numbers and, although users have acknowledged that the page needs an update, there is no official and published update available.
Download Rouge for Chrome
ROUGE has been downloaded 11 times
Latest Version: 0.8.1

CTOindy is a lightweight, easy to use browser extension that allows developers to easily integrate their product with the Microsoft Bot Framework. CTOindy is a free, open source extension available on the Chrome Web Store. The extension is fast, simple, and very easy to use.
The extension is simple. Users simply add an application ID and secret to CTOindy and it’s good to go. The extension does

Helperbird For Windows

Based on research and user experience, Helperbird Crack Free Download is a web-based reading tool that offers users an easier way of reading web pages and documents.
The extension supports a wide array of web browsers, including Chrome, Firefox and Safari, as well as Windows 8, Android, and iOS devices.
1. Support of all the major web browsers
2. Text-to-speech: allows users to choose the quality of the voice
3. Text-replacement: allows users to choose whether it should be a default replacement, custom replacement, or none
4. Color-scheme: lets users choose the color for the ruler
5. Ruler: lets users choose the position and color of the ruler
6. Background-tint: lets users change the background color
7. Blacklist: allows users to disable the extension
8. Ruler positions: lets users choose the position for the ruler
9. Ruler height: lets users set the height for the ruler
10. Ruler color: lets users choose the color for the ruler
11. Text-size: lets users choose the font size for the text
12. Non-visually impaired users: lets users switch on Non-visually Impaired mode
13. Visually impaired users: lets users switch on Visually Impaired mode
14. Tint color: lets users choose the color for the browser’s tint
15. Tint opacity: lets users choose the opacity for the tint
16. Font-color: lets users choose the font color
17. Favicon: lets users choose the favicon
18. Controls: lets users choose the position of the extension’s toolbar
19. Compatibility: lets users choose the compatibility level for the extension
20. User-data: lets users choose the information to share with the cloud
21. Share this extension: lets users share this extension with their friends
22. Adaptability: lets users make necessary changes to adapt to specific websites
23. UI: let’s users choose which UI to use
24. Privacy: lets users make changes to give users more control over their data

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What’s New in the Helperbird?

AutoSave Full Screen – Helperbird is a Chrome extension. By default, users can auto-save their screen every 5 minutes on a single website. But this could be changed up to saving every 30 minutes.

BASIC Color Schemes – Helperbird offers two color schemes: Basic, and Overlay, and both are super easy to use. Users can switch between the two by simply using the ‘Tap on Overlay’ feature.

Activate Helperbird on Specific Websites – While you are enjoying the website, you can click a ‘helpful’ icon in the bottom right corner of the Helperbird Chrome extension. This feature enables the extension to activate on specific websites without having to manually search or add each website.

Browser support – Helperbird supports Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Firefox.

Pixel Perfect – While most Helperbird websites are presented at 72PPI, users with larger screens or phones can manually change the DPI by using a touchpad/mouse or pressing ctrl + -.

Synchronization across devices and browsers – You can synchronize your Helperbird settings across multiple devices and browsers by logging in to Helperbird from the Helperbird website.

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System Requirements For Helperbird:

The game works on Windows XP SP3 or later, Windows Vista or later, Mac OS X 10.4 or later
NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS or better, ATI Radeon HD 3450 or better, Intel Core 2 Duo T5250 or better, 3 GB RAM, 32-bit operating system (minimum 32-bit operating system: Windows 7 64-bit)
It is advised that you use a Windows version to be compatible with the gameplay.
*3G is not included in the file.
Notice: This version is optimized for Japanese versions of