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You can download the latest drivers for free by going to the manufacturer’s website. Sometimes they include a version of the driver you need. Sometimes they have beta and testing versions. Sometimes they don’t have the drivers at all. But it’s worth a look. Manufacturers are always trying to improve and update their drivers, so you’ll definitely get updated software.

TopTenReviews is another top website for PC and laptop reviews, which also hosts a vast library of software. But the licenses for the programs are free and all you can is download, however, a moderated sign-up process is necessary to access full use of the site. That is why it is advisable to use third-party websites for downloading software.

If you have been downloading some software and are in search of a site to download it, you need to take the help of a download manager. There are plenty of free download managers available online to help you download the programs. You can access to find the right download manager for your operating system on search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing.

One of the most popular software download sites, Bugtraq is a software vulnerability database that allows you to download software patches free of cost. It also keeps you updated with the latest security fixes and vulnerabilities. Bugtraq is popular among security specialists. For instance, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are said to rely on Bugtraq to find out about new vulnerabilities.

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