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There are many advantages to being a pro-active downloader. First, it keeps the torrents you have downloaded safe from viruses, since you are the only person downloading the file. Second, its allows you to browse the torrents more effectively, by getting to know the features of the torrents you are interested in downloading.

The torrent search engine is similar to the popular torrent search engines like TorrentHound and The Pirate Bay. They can also be used as a site for downloading torrent files. Although torrent search engines are more popular among the downloaders because they are simple to use. The torrent search engine lets the user download different torrent files from the site. The user has to select what he is interested in downloading by browsing the search engine and then adds the torrent files he is looking for to his list of torrents. Then he can download his desired files using a variety of download methods like the P2P protocol or the direct download of the torrent file. By using the site of torrent search engine, the user can save a lot of time and also get more file sizes to download.

Gnut is one of the oldest torrent sites with a huge database of movies, TV shows, games, manga, etc. It has a clean and user-friendly interface for downloaders. A basic search feature allows users to find what they are looking for, plus speed sections to filter torrents by their download speed. It is ideal for downloaders with a slow or low download speed.

Following the ever-growing success of the free torrent sites, a wave of legal alternatives emerged. These websites do everything they can to stay legal, while offering a great service to their users. Some of these sites have a focus on a specific genre, while others cover everything in their path, from movies to operating systems.