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Happodrome is a dedicated platform for people who like to download content but whose ISPs wont allow them to do so. The site works on a peer to peer approach. Theyve uploaded over 1 billion GB of content, and theyre happy to offer up the files for free. You can also help fund their project by donating via PayPal.

Skidrow is one of the most well-known download sites on the internet. The site hosts torrents of movies, music, games, apps, and software. The site is used by over 350 million people around the world.

When it comes to faster downloads, torrents are your best bet. Before you know it, its almost 10pm and youve only started downloading a couple of hours ago. Sometimes, however, this can be quite inconvenient.

Your favorite website is used to view images, play games, and perform other tasks. This can be a powerful tool if used properly, but there are many websites that are designed to steal your personal information. The list of how to hack a website contains sites that can be used to trick your mouse and keyboard to type characters. Hack a website is a review of well known websites that are used to steal information in a click.

The best torrent sites for music which is currently and fast growing field. Once again – the purpose of these sites is legit, just to share music. The music on the other hand may be free but the video most likely come with a charge. If a video is for free, then it is called Public or Peer-to-Peer. There are millions of torrent sites, if your looking for some of the best sites to download cracked for PC check out our list below.