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Roblox is a virtual playground and platform developed by Roblox Corporation, a privately held company based in San Mateo, California. Founded by David Baszucki and Eric Cassel, the company also operates under the tradenames Developer Studio and Roblox Corp. The Roblox game engine allows players to create a variety of virtual worlds with games, virtual items, experiences, and interactivity. Players can also build their own games from scratch, or use free Roblox creations to build an avatar and explore the Roblox platform. The player’s avatar can then be “rated” or “liked” by other users, and other players can interact with the avatar. Roblox’s free-to-play platform is supported through monetization of both in-game virtual items and user-created content. Robux are the premium virtual currency of Roblox, purchasable with real money, and can be used to buy in-game content or access subscriptions. Through playing Roblox games, users can earn Robux as in-game currency. According to IGN, “Robux represent a virtual ownership of products, which players can then use to purchase more power within a game, develop and create new items, and customize their avatars.” In addition to in-game microtransactions, Roblox offers subscriptions through the Story Creator tool, which enable players to access additional content such as avatars, pets, and virtual items. Roblox has since added a subscription system where Robux can be purchased from real-world currency instead of real money, allowing Roblox owners to play for free. Starting on December 4, 2016, Roblox initiated a new subscription system that replaced all previous Robux “ownership” metrics, such as power, with new metrics titled R”C”, Robux, and Roblox Dollars (R$). As of February 2019, Roblox has around 566 million monthly active users, as estimated by Google Play Insights.[3] The company has offices in San Mateo, California and Santa Monica, California. The company has received criticism, and was criticized in 2016 for the inappropriate content available on Roblox. History[edit] The Roblox logo. In 2004, Roblox was founded by David “Peebles” Baszucki and Erik “Snipa” Cassel. Both had experience in the computer game industry as game developers, and helped form Robl


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