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Lock Screen: Lock Screen is a popular screen recorder software for you to lock computer screen for the safety purpose. When you have entered the password, the screen content, such as background, mouse pointer and all other windows are locked. You also can make a sound during lock screen, and the other user is not able to use your computer.
Keyboard Recording: Recording your keyboard activities can be used to backup or evidence your special keys on the keyboard. By recording your keyboard activities, you can get more information about the keyboard and improve your typing abilities.
Keylogger: Keylogger is a software to monitor system security. It records keystrokes, chat, passwords. This is a way to know if an unauthorized person is attempting to access your account on the internet, and to catch any suspicious activity.
Password Gorilla: Remember your password? Password Gorilla is a best tool to store all of your passwords and account names. This program provides secure storage of usernames, passwords, account names and other data. This tool is useful when you want to store all of your passwords in one place. It provides secure access to your data. You can even backup your sensitive data to a DVD.
Sound Recorder: Audio recording, sound grabbing, and audio capture software are all the same. It’s basically to record audio from the system. You can record a song, voice, or even a sound from a microphone. However, when you have already got the best audio capture software, a sound recorder may not do the job.

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Imaging With Full Keygen Download For Windows

Get the most from your digital images and meet the demands of your presentation by using Imaging Product Key, which implements a simple and intuitive user interface. Conveniently, the program also offers several new components, including the Screen Capture, the Resize, the Optimizer, and the Rotator.


The Action Window

Approx. 590 KB

The Action Window is a small utility that allows you to modify the actions performed by certain programs, such as windows and files, by adding several options to it.
The program’s interface does not require a personal knowledge of the program’s interface and it is, hence, sufficient enough for less experienced users to handle it without too much trouble.


Get Gofix Screen

Approx. 567 KB

Get Gofix Screen is an extremely useful program which enables you to screen your desktop and your active windows, later storing the results in two different files that you can open later, with the help of the Get GOfix Screen program.
You may want to use it, for instance, when you are using a new computer or want to have several monitors, where you would like to copy or duplicate the active screen on one of your monitors, or it may be useful if you want to run two different programs, one on each of your monitors.


Smart Wizard Pro

Approx. 1.16 GB

Smart Wizard Pro is a convenient tool that helps you to create and print professional presentations, such as business reports and invoices; it empowers you to combine a variety of data and images in order to create complex documents, which can be printed and used afterwards.
The program features a user-friendly interface, and is, indeed, easy to learn and use, with a number of available customization options.
Smart Wizard Pro Description:
Smart Wizard Pro is an office application that can help you to create and print professional presentations, such as business reports and invoices.



Approx. 31.37 MB

Clipr is a simple yet powerful tool that lets you collect, and manipulate, web addresses from the Internet.
The program may be used to obtain various data from popular web sites, for example, the date and time of creation, the title of the page, the URL of the page, as well as the site’s name and visual layout.
Clipr also lets you present


—Main features
· Set the resolution of your photos and screenshots.
· Convert and optimize your images.
· Use the image resizer to get your photos in the best possible size.
· Crop your screenshots to see only the area you want.
· Flip your screenshots to have them right way up.
· Rotate pictures 90, 180 and 270 degrees left or right.
· Use the image rotator to flip your screenshots from left to right or right to left.
· In a snap, capture a screenshot of your screen or your whole desktop.
· After converting or optimizing your image, resize it.
· Get high quality JPG, TIF, BMP, and more.
· Use our newest ‘Flickr Link Generator’ to get a new URL in seconds.
· Perform several actions on one image at the same time.
· Use our built-in image viewer to view the photos you edit or convert.
—Changes to 1.7.3.
(x) Use the Google Image Search API to download thumbnails of images (no longer supported). (x) Convert images to JPG, TIF and PNG. (x) Merge images: combine one or more images into a single image (no longer supported). (x) Optimize images: resize, rotate, flip and even convert to other formats. (x) Catch screenshots: capture screenshots of your screen or the whole desktop. (x) Take screenshots of your application. (x) Take snapshots of the workspace, with different layouts: 2×3, 3×4, and 1×1. (x) Use our Flickr Link Generator to download high-quality pictures. (x) Add an image to a text file. (x) Directly copy an image from the clipboard to a document. (x) Define an image’s border. (x) Print an image. (x) Open an image in another application. (x) Place your images in your album. (x) Add a new file in the same directory as your original image: great if you have several saved images and you don’t want to keep duplicating folders. (x) Convert one or more images to PDF format. (x) Convert one or more images to a plain text file. (x) Flatten a folder structure: all images in a folder are visible. (x) Flatten a multisize folder structure: all images in a folder are visible. (

What’s New in the?

Imaging is a lightweight utility which was primarily designed to offer you multiple components and functions for editing pictures with ease, and whose development is still in progress, as it continues to add new tools.

No installation needed
After having downloaded the file, you can decompress the archive and run the executable, since the program’s installation is not in any way necessary.

As a result, you can place Imaging on a portable storage device and carry it with you wherever you go, at home or at work, using it on all compatible computers without a problem.

Clean and straight-forward looks
The main window of Imaging is sufficiently approachable, that even less experienced individuals can still handle it without too much difficulty, regardless of their prior knowledge with similar applications.

The tabbed interface comprises the tools you can work with, enabling you to resort to one of the several available functions, such as ‘Color Picker’, ‘Google Image Link Generator’, ‘Image Optimizer’, ‘Image Resizer’, ‘Image Viewer’.

Convert, optimize, resize and rotate photos, or capture screenshots
Among other functions included by Imaging, you can work with the ‘Image Converter’ component, which lets you export the files to a variety of other popular formats. Similarly, the ‘Image Optimizer’ lets you reduce the size of your pictures, enabling you to decide to what level.

Using the ‘Image Resizer’, you can adjust the width and height of your photos to whatever new values you prefer, while with the ‘Image Rotator’, you can flip and turn pictures left or right. The ‘Screen Capture Component’ allows you to grab a screenshot of the active window or your whole desktop, outputting it to JPG, BMP, TIF or GIF.

A simple picture manipulating instrument
To conclude, Imaging is a handy application which aims to provide you the ability of working with digital photos and execute several visual adjustment operations; it helps you capture pictures, but also modify them in a variety of ways, by resizing, rotating or converting them, all with minimal effort for you.

The Best Camera Software Review

For starters, when you think of a camera, you might think of Canon, Nikon, or Sony. However, there are plenty of other camera brands to choose from as well as many camera and photo software companies

System Requirements:

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