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– Powerful sequencer with all the tools you need to create different music genres like Pop, Rock, Hip Hop, Dubstep, Future House, EDM, Trance, etc.
– Sequencer comes with the powerful sequencer that lets you produce audio tracks in a drag and drop environment, allowing you to explore the world of MIDI sequences.
– Create sound and sequencing with intuitive controls and modern music production software look.
– Advanced virtual instruments and sampler, and a drum sequencer with adjustable speed.
– An entire set of loops and samples you can use as a starting point to make your music.
– With the added support of the microphone, the new Sync mode, you will be able to create music with recorded sounds.
– Control your set list with MIDI Clips, instant quantization, macro for performances.
– Search for your favorite MIDI clips in the built-in library, add your favorite samples in the powerful sample library.
– Use the synthesizer that includes the four oscillator with advanced parameters, the chorus and the filter.
– Release your creativity with various effects, you can customize your workflow with: amp modeler, reverbs, delays, and much more!
– A wide range of professional tools like beat matching and tempo matching.
– The selection of various plugins that you can use with the sequencer is: Sampler, Synthesizer, drum machine, synthesizer, drum sequencer, pad sequencer, drum, piano, chord, effects, expression.
– Capture audio and MIDI and edit them in the sequencer.
– Digital Piano
– Macro Override.
– Playlists.
– Time-signature settings (4/4 or 3/4).
– The ability to add loops or audio files and define their start and end points.
– The ability to define any sequencer configuration and edit it with a simple mouse.
– Variable output to MIDI or audio, and MIDI out to sequence.
– Multi-timbral mode (simultaneously play with various sequencers).
– Work with multiple MIDI files in multiple timelines.
– Record your performances.
– Working with local tracks and multitrack working.
– Create track templates.
– Merging and splitting work in multiple tracks.
– MIDI output directly to an audio interface or use an audio interface with MIDI output.
– Export / Import MIDI clips to / from your sequences.
– Add the cover of your tracks to the color codes of the

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IMEA Sequencer Crack

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What’s New In IMEA Sequencer?

» Create and produce music with professional features like: • Multitrack recording • Sampler • Synth • Chorus, Flanger, Reverb and Delay • Slow and Fast Tempos • Delay for echo effects • Compressor for editing music • One-click Audio/MIDI/Sequencer file Export/Import • MIDI playback • Advanced FX included for additional effects • Band-in-a-Box for multi-track editing and much more.


» All the pro features that a DJ or producer needs

» Fully Automated operation

» Audio/MIDI/Sequencer Import/Export

» Fast to use in any situation and workflow.

» Chord-based songwriting

» One-Click Audio/MIDI/Sequencer Export

» Multi-track recording

» Innovative Chord Transposer

» Clip and Masking

» Music Theory App


» Producer Version : 150MB

» Sequencer Version : 50MB


» Win XP/Vista/Win 7

User reviews:

» “Easiest and most powerful sequencer software I have found to date! The price is quite reasonable considering this incredibly powerful sequencer. I use it for live performances. Highly recommend it!” \r
– Dj Cesare and Colu…

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System Requirements For IMEA Sequencer:

Windows (PC), Linux & Mac are all supported OS

Minimum Requirements:
OS: XBMC/Xine/VLC/MPlayer
Graphic: vid mode (1bit)
Memory: 1 GB RAM required
Hard Disk: 8 GB space required
Connection: Fast network speed (LAN or ADSL)
Maximum Requirements:
Graphic: 16bit High Definition