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take the piss. honestly, my preferred method is to first meet in person, or at the very least on an app, to see if we click and to see what happens. from there i don’t worry too much about an app. if it’s going to be a long-term thing, for a casual hookup in a bar and whatever, then tinder works fine.

bargaining. a substantial number of my matches are “bang bang” message me right away, and then they proceed to talk to me in a way that is piss poor dating etiquette. my binder is like my commitment journal. it’s just one big binder of my bad dates and people who i’m still trying to “cool off” with.

sometimes, a person isn’t necessarily looking for a long-term relationship, but needs to get laid. and that’s where websites like grindr come in. grindr is one of the more popular hookup apps that exists, connecting users who are looking for partners in real life. for those seeking thrills outside of a bedroom, grindr is the app for you. there are also other options for those who are looking to get laid elsewhere, including sites like badoo and chadder, as well as a slew of sexting apps for those seeking digital flings.

when you say the word gay, what comes to mind? maybe you think of men with perfect hair who enjoy embracing a genre of music made by neo-traditionalists? perhaps you think of the almost hypersexualized artist who makes more memes than k-pop stars do? maybe gay men from new york city to buenos aires are into fetish (opens in new tab)play and romantics for equal parts swagger and whimsy, all while staring at their iphones in museum-quality exhibitions?