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JagPDF is a high performance graphics-based PDF library that is designed to produce high quality PDF files in real time. If you need to add document functionality to your application, JagPDF will be the best solution to generate PDF files on the fly without a PDF file writer.
Developers can use the library to efficiently add printing, annotations, and form fields to PDF documents.
JagPDF features:
– Support for annotation, form fields, printing, and hyperlinks
– PDF rendering engine – supports over 50 rendering methods including high quality PostScript and PDF printing
– Two variations of the PDF specification: PDF/A and PDF/x3 (PDF/A-1b and PDF/x3)
– Total support for all of the major and minor version numbers of the PDF specification
– Full text search
– Variable font support
– PDF/A and PDF/x3 support
– Support for the most common security models
– High performance PDF creation and manipulation for desktop, web, mobile and embedded applications
– Support for traditional and Linux font encodings (PS, TTF, CID, FNT,…)
– Security and encryption support
– Skinnable documentation and sample applications
JagPDF brings the power of PDF to other languages by providing an easy to use C++ API:
– Use the C++ API for high performance PDF generation
– The core C++ API supports the entire PDF specification
– C++ bindings to the Core API with performance optimizations for every major language
– C++ bindings to third party libraries and components for specific functionality
– High performance, multi-threaded, and fast C bindings to the Core API
– An easy to use C++ client library that allows you to easily create a PDF document from scratch
– Numerous example classes that show the best ways to use the C++ API
JagPDF is released under the Apache License v2.0, read LICENSE for details.
What’s New in this Release:
PDF/x3 Support
What’s New in this Release:
PDF/x3 Support
PDF/A Support
What’s New in this Release:
PDF/x3 Support
PDF/A Support
High Performance and Full Support of the Latest PDF Specification
What’s New in this Release:
PDF/A Support
PDF/x3 Support
PDF/A Support
PDF/x3 Support
What’s New in this Release

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key – The key
macro – The macro
The following keywords are supported:
Security settings allow you to control the security level for your document. It can be set to “All” or “None”. To

View a complete list of releases and downloads, including documentation, samples and the latest

developer information.
As well as a list of FAQs and a list of documentation

About PdfSharp

PdfSharp is a free library for working with PDF documents. It is designed to be easy to use, while still offering some advanced functionality, such as OCR, PDF forms, and annotations. This project is an OSS project.Q:

Can I pass a NSArray pointer as an argument to a function?

I want to make this work:
– (NSString *)getValue:(NSArray **)array {
*array = @[ @”MyString”, @”MyMoreString” ];
return *array;

The error I get is:

error: incompatible pointer types passing ‘NSArray *__strong’ to
parameter of type ‘NSArray **’


Yes, you can:
NSArray **array;

NSString *value = [self getValue:&array];

However, the problem is that the caller has to make sure to destroy the array when they’re done with it. Usually you can do it by making the function return a retained object (instead of a pointer):
– (NSString *)getValue:(NSArray **)array {
*array = @[ @”MyString”, @”MyMoreString” ];
return [NSArray arrayWithArray:*array];

or you can create an autorelease object. In this case the caller would need to ensure that they never attempt to release the object, since the function’s responsibility is to do so. That’s a good thing to think about, since it means the caller doesn’t have to worry about releasing the array they get back, which simplifies things.
– (NSString *)getValue:(NSArray **)array {
*array = @[ @”MyString”, @”MyMoreString” ];
return [NSArray arrayWithArray:*array];

JagPDF License Key Full Free X64

* Serialization
* Raster and vector graphics
* Output stream
* Data transfer
* Raster and vector graphics
* Color Management
* 2D and 3D Graphics
* Internationalization
* Event based
* XML and HTML
* PDF generation
* CSS Support
* Web Services
* And more…

JQLibrary is a Java Library providing support for manipulating JDBC data in Java. It can be used to connect to JDBC databases, and to do the following tasks on the data:
* Retrieve data from a JDBC datasource
* Insert, update and delete data
* Paginate data
* Search for data
* Maintain a database pool
The JQLibrary is build around an underlying database connectivity engine, called Firebird JDBC Driver. It provides support for Jdbc drivers that are written in Java. Other databases are supported through the support for other Jdbc drivers.

JasDoc is a new HTML4 and HTML5 file format for document navigation. JasDoc’s goal is to allow you to think like an editor when writing HTML documents.
JasDoc is developed by Przemyslaw Opasiak, the creator of AsciiDoc.

The Joy of Clojure is a comprehensive guide to learning Clojure and ClojureScript. It walks you through all of the basics of Clojure and ClojureScript, and shows how they are being used in real-world projects.

What does a Cocoa Touch library do?
This is a library for working with the iPhone and iPad SDK from within Java and Android. It brings these native APIs to Java.
What does a Cocoa Touch library do?
This is a library for working with the iPhone and iPad SDK from within Java and Android. It brings these native APIs to Java.

jjlib is a library with a small footprint that is especially designed to provide high performance Java code (like SQL and XML) on the JVM. The jjlib can generate native Java code from Java, and also execute native code from Java.

A Library for JavaServer Faces 2.0.
JSF2 is a modular set of components to build enterprise web applications in Java. There are many components for this platform and more components will be added in the future.
JSF2 is designed for JSF version 2.0 and above. It is compatible with the JavaServer Faces specification.
This library supports version 2.1, 2.2, 2

What’s New In JagPDF?

JagPDF is a portable and free and open source project that includes multiple
features such as PDF creation, editing, compression and archiving of PDF files,
fonts, form fields and…

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