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Light Calendar is a desktop calendar with customizable themes. Organize your day by sending reminders to yourself at the right time, even when you are in the middle of something else.
All you need to do is create a meeting, assign it a name and provide some additional info. That’s it. Light Calendar’s notification will trigger the reminder.
Light Calendar Features:
1. Create and schedule meetings easily.
2. Schedule and organize multiple meetings on one day.
3. Add reminders and receive them.
4. Customize colors and events font.
5. Add a “sad face” for meetings.
6. Allow meetings to be recurring.
7. Set different reminder times for each meeting.
8. Change the default hotkey.
9. Change the default appearance and icon.
10. Use multiple languages.

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Light Calendar Free (April-2022)

Calendar for Windows Light, a calendar app for Windows that’s fast, easy to use and packed with useful features. It is easy to schedule events, add new ones, modify old ones, set reminders, etc.


What’s new in version 2019.2.0

Decorated Calendar (Mac):
The application now integrates itself in the Mac calendar.

Nov 19, 2019 09:51 PM


Light Calendar Crack Mac is a software tool that facilitates a user-friendly desktop calendar which enables you to schedule upcoming events, receive reminders, and customize colors.
Installer, prerequisites and interface
The setup procedure doesn’t take long. However, we must mentione a couple of aspects. Firstly, you must have the.NET Framework platform installed. Secondly, although this isn’t said during installation, Light Calendar Cracked Version gets automatically integrated into the Windows autostart sequence. This can be later disabled from the settings panel.
The tool runs in the systray and gets minimized there. Therefore, it permits you to carry on with your normal desktop activity without any interruptions. As for the interface, it’s wrapped in a clean window with a neatly organized layout, where you can explore any date of the calendar.
Set events and reminders, customize colors
The current day is marked by a yellow box. New events can be put together for any date of the calendar, whether it’s in the past or in the future. It’s necessary to specify the event type and highlight color, in order to set it apart from other kinds of meetings or tasks.
Moreover, you can make the event recurrent (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly) and set a reminder on date, one or three days, one or two weeks, or one month.
It’s possible to schedule multiple events on the same day, edit event properties, jump to the current day’s events, remove the app’s entry from the system startup lineup, stop it from hiding automatically when it loses focus, modify the default hotkey for bringing up its main window to the screen, as well as set the default color and reminder.
Evaluation and conclusion
It worked smoothly in our tests and had minimal impact on the computer’s performance. However, we’ve noticed that it doesn’t implement an option for deleting events. Nevertheless, Light Calendar Download With Full Crack provides you with a simple and intuitive calendar for scheduling events, and it can be used by anyone with ease.Q:

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Light Calendar [Win/Mac] (April-2022)

1. The trial version of this application is actually a freebie.
2. It’s a program to schedule events and reminders.
3. It can store and open files in PEM format.
4. It’s possible to make appointments.
5. It allows for the creation of multiple calendars and shows the corresponding icons.
6. It provides tools for easy navigation.
7. It allows for unlimited number of events and reminders.
8. You can mark events as recurring.
9. You can assign events to a specific day, week, month, year, or any time period.
10. You can create one- or three-day or one-week and one-month reminders.
11. You can save events in any of the following formats: PEM, PST, DBX, MBOX, HTML, EML, MHTML, and MSG.
12. You can copy events.
13. You can set the default color for events.
14. You can export events to the clipboard.
15. You can disable/hide the app from the system startup sequence.
16. You can change the hotkey for bringing up the main window.
17. You can change the default color for the main window.
18. You can set the default reminder time.
19. You can assign events to a custom month.
20. You can create multiple calendars.
21. You can change the order of the tabs.
22. You can control the number of days shown per calendar.
23. You can set a calendar as the default one.
24. You can change the system tray icon.
25. You can change the default position of the calendar window.
26. You can open external files in text format.
27. You can open external files in PEM format.
28. You can open external files in HTML.
29. You can open external files in EML.
30. You can save files as DBX.
31. You can save files as PST.
32. You can open files saved as PEM.
33. You can open files saved as HTML.
34. You can open files saved as EML.
35. You can open files saved as MHTML.
36. You can open files saved as MSG.
37. You can open files in DBX format.
38. You can save files in DBX format.
39. You can open

What’s New in the Light Calendar?

Main Window

Running: Windows 7

Installer and start-up integration improved. The tool now runs in the system tray and gets minimized there. Therefore, it permits you to carry on with your normal desktop activity without any interruptions.

Evaluation and conclusion
Light Calendar is a free, fully featured calendar app that helps you to easily manage your appointments and daily events. The app provides an intuitive user-friendly interface that makes it easy to create, manage and share events. Light Calendar also supports multiple calendar views (day, week, month, year, list, agenda), highlights, and recurring events. It also provides an alarm feature.
To use this app, you can either have it installed on your computer or you can download it directly from this page. You can download the installer for Light Calendar from here:

How to use
You can use Light Calendar in a number of ways, including the following:
• Schedule your events: Light Calendar allows you to create events, set a reminder for them, and share them with other people. You can create recurring events and set the duration between each repeat. You can also set recurring alarms for the events.
• Manage your calendar: The most useful features in Light Calendar include the Calendar view and the Agenda view. The Calendar view allows you to navigate through your events by day, week, month, or year. You can also select a particular event, press CTRL+click, or drag the event to another calendar view. The Agenda view shows a list of upcoming events on your calendar. You can go through the calendar by day, week, month, or year. You can also click the plus sign to add a new event.
• See your calendar in a calendar list: This is a table that shows the entire list of your events in your calendar. You can press CTRL+click to move through the table or click on a particular event in the table to navigate through it. You can also drag events to other calendar views.
• Reminders for your events: You can have events, meetings, or tasks marked as a reminder in your calendar. You can set a reminder for them, and they will be marked as such in your calendar.
• Organize your calendar: You can drag and drop events from one calendar view to another. You can also drag and drop events from the Calendar view to the Agenda view.
• Record your daily activities: The agenda view in Light Calendar allows you to record your daily activities in the To-Do list. You can mark the tasks as complete, add a comment to them, and mark them as recurring. You can also create new tasks.
• Quick access to your calendar: You can easily access your calendar and its various views by pressing

System Requirements For Light Calendar:

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