Marksheet Format In Excel Pdf Download PORTABLE

Marksheet Format In Excel Pdf Download PORTABLE

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Marksheet Format In Excel Pdf Download

the excel 2007 home tab has buttons that perform specific tasks. if you have a toolbar, you might need to resize the toolbar to fit the new excel toolbar buttons. (to do so, right-click the toolbar and then click customize. then drag the resize handles on the left side of the toolbar.)

you can put some pretty cool commands on the ribbon. here are just a few:

  • a record macro lets you record a series of mouse clicks or keyboard commands. (this lets you automate repetitive actions, like saving a spreadsheet or opening a particular set of files.)
  • the insert comments button lets you add a comment to the cell, for instance, in the form of a reminder to yourself to make a change later. (to do so, click the button, and then type a comment in the field that appears. to remove a comment, click the button again.)
  • an insert hyperlink button lets you attach a web page to a cell. (when you click the button, a web browser window opens, and the browser shows the page you specified.)
  • a find button lets you search for a cell. (click the button, type a search string, and press enter.)
  • an calculate button lets you work with formulas. you can select a range of cells, and click the button to make excel perform a calculation. (excels formula bar lists all the formulas youll ever need.) click the enter key to return to the spreadsheet.
  • an insert table button lets you insert a table, which lets you organize your work by groups of cells. (to create a table, click the button, and then specify the number of rows and columns you want in the table.)
  • an insert image button lets you insert a picture. (to insert an image, click the button, then click the picture you want to use. click the button again to return to the spreadsheet.)
  • a insert chart button lets you insert a chart. (to insert a chart, click the button, and then click the chart you want to use.)
  • a more button lets you open more of the features in the ribbon.