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Oracle Hospitality Suite8 System Administration Guide Manual

7.2.1  .
Release 8.9. Overview. Welcome. This library is comprised of product documentation for Oracle Hospitality Suite8. Getting Started.TIFFIN – As the boys grew older, their relationship with their sister became strained. But their estrangement ended after she had a baby with her boyfriend, Ryan Cochran, who is just as, if not more, central in her life than her brother.

“I thought it was me,” Linda, the mother of Walker, 11, Zachary, 8, and Cade, 6, said, softly, of her feelings about her children being raised apart. “I didn’t think Zachary was going to be like this, and that he’d hate me.”

Linda and Ryan had been dating since high school, and they had three children together by the time she was 27 and he was 31. Linda filed for divorce in 2010, and their daughter, Molly, was born shortly after that.

Molly is the granddaughter of Pamela Gulledge, who was working at a Taco Bell in Tifton and wanted a job that would better suit her family.

She had just delivered a pizza to the husband of a former workmate when the girl, Miranda, gave her the phone number of a local attorney who would represent her. She never regretted taking the case, she said recently, sitting in her living room with her two children in her lap, just as she was in her first day at Taco Bell.

An accident of geography kept the three women apart. They lived near each other, and went to school together. But as Molly grew, there were pushbacks to her being raised in their hometown. Her mother had moved to Alabama; Pamela was living in Georgia.

But as time went on, nothing could keep them apart. Her parents divorced last year. She moved back home with her mom and dad and stepmother.

What they all have in common is that whenever she had a problem, there was a lawyer on her side.

Miranda was a prime example. It began when she was 5 years old.

By then, she knew more about her parents’ divorce than she did about her father.

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