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Search the Web for music and download it hassle-free
Musicase is a simple and powerful web-based tool that lets you search the Web for tracks and download them straight to your PC.
Key features:
* Supports MP3, WAV and MIDI
* Search by URL, Artist, Title, or even more complex keyword combinations
* Download music via Web interface or via WinAmp and Windows Media Player
* Stream music directly from the browser
* Translators in English, German, French and Spanish
* Free version offers more filters than the full version, including new search engine and translator
* Encrypted connection, and faster downloads

Music Ace is a music downloader that makes it easy to search for songs and music on the Internet. It’s the best tool in the genre for downloading a variety of musical genres, including traditional music from around the world and rock music. It can even help you download high-quality music. Once you find your favorite song or music video, you can use the application to download and play the song offline for as long as you like. You can also search for songs and music online using the Music Ace toolbar.
Key Features
* Automatic and manual download
* Convert between different formats
* Play with ease
* Multiple functions in a single tool
* Support for most popular browsers
* Very easy to use
* Version
* All files compatible with all Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS and Android systems.

Music is a listening app that specializes in high-quality music streaming. It’s quite the competitor for Spotify in the market because it offers an entirely different service with one of the most comprehensive free playlists available.
Easy, anytime streaming
Music is one of the best alternatives to Spotify and a lot of its fans are turning to it every day. The way it works is a bit tricky, but it’s a listening experience that really appeals to music lovers. It offers a massive library of both free and premium playlists that have everything from electronic dance music to classic pop, classical music, and anything in between. You’ll find songs for all genres of music, from popular to classic to all kinds of music and artists.
With that being said, streaming with Music is quite simple. First you’ll have to search for the playlist you want to stream. Depending on the playlist, the app will let you use a computer, mobile device or the app’s own free mobile app. When you’re connected

Musicase Crack+

KeyMACRO is an innovative all-in-one application that enables you to easily record your keyboard input and save it in a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file. What’s more, you can play the recorded input back, change its speed and even record it again.
It also records mouse input and offers you a text editor that you can use to edit the text values in the created CSV file.
KeyMACRO is a powerful and simple application that is perfectly suited for anyone who spends an awful lot of time writing down keystrokes.

uPlayer is a handy media player that allows you to handle your music and video files effortlessly.
This Windows-based program is designed as an all-in-one player, an audio and video converter and even as an archive manager.
Starting with an easy-to-use interface, uPlayer is packed with a variety of tools that can be used to handle any music and video file format, as well as archiving or even burning them to CDs.
Start by downloading your favorite music or movie
If you’re already a Windows user, you know that a number of media players are readily available in the Windows’ Store. uPlayer makes use of these media player tools and also includes a number of other interesting features, making it a great media player.
You can download videos and music from the Internet, as well as rip them from CDs and DVDs. This way, you won’t have to waste time looking for the file on your computer or on an external drive.
You can also convert a variety of audio and video formats, so there’s not much left for you to do.
Archive your music and video files
On the other hand, uPlayer is also an excellent archiving and burning application. You can easily search for music and video files in your computer and archive them to CDs, DVDs or flash drives.
All you have to do is drag-and-drop the file to the archive file or folder, and uPlayer will automatically compress the audio and video content of the file to a new archive file.
You can also access your archive files from uPlayer using a convenient file manager.
A powerful media player that also works as an archiving program
All in all, uPlayer is an all-in-one media player and archiving program. Although it’s simple to use, you can find lots of powerful tools in uPlayer that are often found in

Musicase Crack + Activator Download

Musicase is an application designed as a straightforward solution for anyone who wants to find a song on the Internet and download it hassle free. It’s one of those apps that’s simple, practical and just plain works.

User-friendly interface, well suited for anyone
Musicase is by all means a basic audio downloader. Its interface is rather old fashioned with an overall design that won’t stir up much interest if you’re into good looking apps. On the other hand the fact that it’s a simple tool only emphasises its reliability and ease of use.
With Musicase you get a main window in which you can type in the search keywords, as well as view a list with the results and download progress information. Along with those, you also get a built-in audio player that you can use to preview any song before you download it. It’s based on Windows Media Player so the playback controls should be more than familiar to you.
Effortlessly download any song
Musicase allows you to enter one or more keywords for the search to narrow it down as much as possible and obtain an accurate result. All the found tracks are displayed in a neat list that shows you the complete track title and duration.
Next to each title you get a ‘Save’ button and once you click it, the app prompts you to choose where you want to store it. The download immediately begins and you can view the progress in a newly opened window.
That’s all there is to grabbing a track using Musicase, nothing complicated or time consuming.
A reliable and handy music downloader
To wrap it up, Musicase doesn’t excel in looks and features but it does offer you a stable and easy to manage solution for downloading tracks off the Internet so it’s really worth a shot.

Users Reviews

I have tried to download music on my mobile phone from different source but it was not successful. Then I tried using musicase to download audio songs from the internet, It’s really helpful and easy to download songs. It’s very easy to use and you just need to enter some search keywords to find the audio file and download it to your phone.

Chakki Murugavel
, 09/26/2018

Incredibly user-friendly

This is one of the few decent audio downloader apps out there. Its interface is really good and very easy to use. I’ve used

What’s New In?

You have to search all over to find your old songs – then you have to waste lots of time waiting for it to download. With Musicase you can get music online and download it directly without problems. Now you can simply download any song you like – no matter where it is.
Musicase allows you to search for music online and download any song within minutes. You can download music from any torrent site, from any streaming service or from any music download website like or
Supported file formats include:
• Musicase helps you to find the music you want by searching one or several keywords.
• Musicase works by one keyword only.
• You can download any song by one search.
• You can select multiple files for download.
• Musicase allows you to browse a list of results with a small preview of each song.
• You can preview the song before downloading it.
• Musicase allows you to download any song directly and easily.
• Musicase allows you to find any song you want.
• You can search any music on music download websites like and
• Downloading Musicase is as simple as that.
• You can download music from any torrent site.
• You can download music from any streaming service.
• You can download any song from any music download website.
• You can download any music with a single click.
• You can choose any number of songs to download.
• You can browse all the songs in a list with a small preview of each song.
• You can download any song directly and easily.
• You can download music from any torrent site.
• You can download music from any streaming service.
• You can download any song from any music download website.
• You can download any music with a single click.
• You can choose any number of songs to download.
• You can browse all the songs in a list with a small preview of each song.
• You can choose from multiple music sources.
• You can preview the song before downloading it.
• You can select multiple files for download.
• You can get to the next track by using the back button of the browser.
• You can start a new download at any time you want.
• You can download any song immediately.
• You can search music by artist, album, genre, composer, track or keyword.
• You can download any track from any music download website.

System Requirements For Musicase:

Supported OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019
Compatibility: Internet Explorer 9 and above, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera and any browser with JavaScript support.
System requirements:
Minimum Processor:
Pentium4 2GHz / AthlonXP 1700 / AMD FX series
Minimum RAM:
Minimum screen resolution:
Minimum Sound Card