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Category:2008 software
Category:MacOS audio software
Category:Audio software
Category:Windows audio softwarelocal plyr

local plyr = require “kong.plugins.stdout”

local _M = plyr.M

return plyr

local function log (kong, self, data, field, tag, host, id, ptr, size, user, time, level, msg)
local type = tostring(type(data))
local fmt = “[%s] ”
local t = type
if type == “string” then
fmt = “[%s %s]”
if type == “number” then
fmt = “[%s] %d”
local color = “cyan”
if id then
color = “red”
if tag then
color = “bold magenta”
local log = plyr.V
if host then
log(level, host, fmt.. “: “.. color.. “[%s] “.. tag.. ” “.. “> %s
“.. msg)
log(level, fmt.. “: “.. color.. “[%s] “.. tag.. ” “.. “> %s
“.. msg)

return plyr
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