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PictureArc is a reliable photo editor that enables you to place plain pictures into special frame and background settings. Thus, you can easily transform a simple image into a birthday card or a holiday surprise for friends or family. PictureArc allows you to preview the image in several frame designs, against the proper background pattern.
Transform plain photos into memories
PictureArc is created as a means to quickly edit photos and transform them into cards or just insert them into a stylish setting. With several options for frames and background images, you can easily turn any photo in a beautiful memory. Moreover, the software allows you to import frame templates, with different designs, shapes or colors.
All you need to do is upload the picture you wish to frame, then select the complementary elements. A small navigator tool can help you reposition the image within the frame, so that you can properly center the main object/person in the photo. Moreover, you can easily export the designs to your computer, for printing or online sharing.
Simple to use photo editor
In order to apply a proper photo frame setting, the software allows you to adjust the light and color parameters of each element in the working space. Color channels, hue, saturation, gamma, brightness and contrast can be modified for the background, frame and main photo.
Additionally, you may set the output picture resolution, as well as resize the frame setting, in order to capture a custom area of the main photo within. The software also allows you to rotate the image, zoom in/out and set the output format: .JPG, .BMP, .PNG or .GIF.
Photo enhancements within minutes
With PictureArc, your pictures can turn from plain to beautiful composites, in a short time. You can apply frames and background images, thus creating a stylish setting, suitable for a holiday, birthday or greeting card. The software allows you to preview the end result in real time and enhance the photos by adjusting lights/colors.







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PictureArc Crack is a convenient software for enhancing your photos, without any previous image editing experience. The software allows you to easily change photos into unique greeting cards, stylish frames or even banners.

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PictureArc Free License Key

PictureArc Photo Editor is a simple and fast image editor for Mac, which has a clean and intuitive interface.
The program allows you to change the background, frame and main photo of your pictures by using a mouse. You can also adjust the light and color for each element in the main photo, as well as the settings for the exported picture.
The software can be used to improve the quality of your existing images, without requiring advanced knowledge. You can use the mouse to rotate, zoom in/out and crop the photo in order to select the best area for the final output.
MouseTool Features:
* Simple and fast
* Choose from different frame settings
* Adjust the brightness, color and quality of the photo
* Automatic format conversion (JPEG/PNG/GIF)
* Crop photos
* Control and adjust the light and color of each picture element
* Export to various formats (JPEG/PNG/GIF)
* Save to computer
* Set the output resolution and export to your preferred format (JPEG/PNG/GIF)
* Drag-and-drop your existing photos and save them
* Highlight an area and edit

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System Requirements:

Mac OS X 10.4 or later

Windows OS: Windows 98/XP/Vista/7/8/10

Memory: 256 MB RAM, 600 MB HD Space

You can Free download PictureArc Photo Editor for Mac 1.10.0 from the link(s) below.Q:

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What’s New in the?

PictureArc is a program to easily create and edit photo frames for holidays, birthday, greetings, you name it. You can easily import images to be framed, or use already existing ones. You can select pictures from your computer, from your camera, from online sources such as Facebook and Twitter, or from your smartphone.
Then you can add a frame, any frame. You can use a pre-made frame template, or create your own. You can position the frame, move and zoom your picture within the frame, change the colors of the frame and of the main picture, rotate the picture, zoom in and zoom out, save and export your finished creation in a number of formats.
The software is simple to use, and is very intuitive, especially if you have ever used a photo editor before.



Import images from your computer, from online sources such as Facebook or Twitter and from your smartphone.

Choose a pre-made frame template or create your own.

Add, position and move the frame anywhere you want on the main picture.

Adjust the frame settings and the color of the frame and main picture.

Save and export finished settings as a JPG, BMP, PNG or GIF file.


Windows 2000 or above

1 GB RAM recommended

3 GB free disk space

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I’m glad I found this. Just needed some help on cropping and whatnot. If you’re not into photo editing, I’d like to thank you for your time. It’s much appreciated. Peace.




Ashley Harrelson

I was wondering if there’s a way to have different wallpapers for each folder. I’m sick of the same ole wallpaper on my desktop and I’d like to have a different one for each folder. It would be awesome if there’s a way. Thank you.




Jillian Lynn

Im attempting to make the the photos in my camera roll appear on my laptop. when i try to open the photo in picture, it opens it in the microsoft image viewer but when i try to open it in windows photo gallery it tells me that it is a corrupted file. please help.





My Pictures From My Computer Appear A Fine Viewer

System Requirements For PictureArc:

Windows XP or higher
Windows 10 or higher
80GB free space
20GB available space on hard disk
1024×768 resolution
Ability to record in.wmv format
64-bit processor
6.5GB available space for recordings (4GB is necessary for storage of finished movies)
Please see the media requirements below for more specific requirements.
Windows 7 or 8
Windows XP with Service Pack 2
Minimum of 1 GB RAM
Minimum of 80GB free space