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If you prefer the mobile version of YouTube to the web edition, you might be interested in PlayMe. It provides an elegant interface for YouTube Music, giving you the possibility to watch videos and listen to music on your desktop, without having to use a web browser.
Before resorting to this application, you should keep in mind that YouTube Music is not yet available in all countries (a workaround is to use a VPN client, though). Next, you just have to log in with your Google account to gain access to your YouTube collections.
YouTube Music client for desktops
The home section of PlayMe shows various playlists and songs based on your track history as well as region, such as energy boosters, the biggest hits of the current day, feel-good favorites, mellow moods, throwback jams, endless summer songs, new releases, new and trending songs, recommended music videos, live performances, new videos, deep focus instrumentals, and your favorites.
If you want to work or play while watching a video, you can make its window small and move it to the corner of the screen. Autoplay mode can be enabled or disabled for playlists. As far as navigation is concerned, standard control are available, like playing the previous or next song in the list, shuffle, and repeat.
Hotlists, library of favorite videos, and more
Furthermore, you can view a hotlist, create a library of favorite music, videos and albums, check out artists and liked songs, as well as run YouTube searches. When it comes to general preferences, you can hide videos with potentially mature content by enabling restricted mode, as well as manage location history.
The software utility worked smoothly throughout our evaluation, running on minimal system resources. It comes in handy for all users who prefer the mobile version of YouTube when it comes to listen to their favorite music or watching videos.


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PlayMe Crack+ Product Key Full Download [Win/Mac]

YouTube Music for desktops is available for desktop computers running Windows and Mac OS, with no need for a separate dedicated app. Just log in with your Google account and you’re ready to go.
YouTube Music for desktops introduces a more streamlined YouTube for desktop experience. Your personal music library is now managed directly within the app, so you can control what plays on your computer and set up playlists as you browse YouTube. Browse the playlists, and preview tracks within them. Using the new Play Controls (next to the camera and search bar), skip or play forward or backward by song, browse playlists or artists, and search for more music.
The new YouTube Music app for desktops is optimized for smaller screens than the web app. The desktop app brings you YouTube Music in a new and modern way, with modern features and a clean, sleek interface.
Support email
✓ Watch music videos in full resolution✓ Play music in your local music library✓ Download or stream music with just one click✓ Manage your music and smart playlists from the app
How to get the app:
YouTube Music for desktops gives you the power to create, save and play playlists you’re passionate about. Discover playlists created by other users or make your own.
Library of all your music
Your music library is now managed directly within the app. So when you’re listening, you can easily browse your library, browse artists and liked songs or playlists.
Smart Collections
As you browse YouTube, you can save playlists you like, build smart collections and find more music with ease.
Play Controls
Download or stream music just by double-clicking a song, artist or playlist.
Create, save and play playlists.
Designed for Google Play for PC, this app features a clean, modern interface with simple and easy-to-use controls. Stream music in your local music library or add music to your own playlist. Watch music videos and get notified when you have new music in your library.
What’s New
In this release we improved and optimized videos and audio

PlayMe [Mac/Win]

The new YouTube Music app for your PC.
Listen to music from your PC desktop.
YouTube Music gives you the freedom to listen to music the way you want to.
Windows 10 apps
Even better than before, there are more ways to hear YouTube Music and keep track of your playlists on your PC.
YouTube Music on your PC
On your PC, you can do much more than on your phone or tablet.
Keep music at your fingertips.
YouTube Music makes your life better. Watch and listen to music on your PC.
Take your listening with you.
New Features
* Read more about the New Features.
* Firewall friendly.
* Stream and search on your PC without using mobile data
* Preview your YouTube Music playlists in a desktop viewer
* Control playback speed.
* Play and pause with mouse or keyboard.
* Video thumbnails.
* Easier search.
* Login with your Google account.
* Get achievements and compete with friends.
* Perform searches on your PC.
* Subscribe to playlists.
* More ways to save music.
* Disable restricted mode.
* Automatically play based on your user settings.
* Podcasts.
* Quality of Service.
* Use YouTube Music on your PC.

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PlayMe Serial Key

View or create your own playlists, including hotlists, library of favorite music, videos and albums
Search, view or listen to artisst’s and like-minded music
Swift on YouTube, YouTube Music, and anywhere else
YouTube Music is available on your desktop, Android and iOS mobile devices
We’re always on the look out for the best music tools, so leave a comment if you have any suggestions for new features to help make music making easier!

A great new way to view YouTube music!
The last few years the online media industry has been taken over by YouTube. You can’t even buy a newspaper or magazine without it being published somewhere by somebody. So naturally, people all over the world get their news from videos, music, and funny stuff.
YouTube is one of the most popular online video site platforms, and it’s not for good reason. They have all kinds of stuff on there, from new music videos, to TV shows, to funny clips. As time goes on, they are even adding more and more things, and they keep coming.
Something that people are always looking for is a way to watch and listen to their favorite music on the go. This was the perfect idea, and the developers behind it started this application called PlayMe.
PlayMe is a way to use YouTube on your computer. This can be an incredibly valuable tool. It not only allows you to do some streaming, but it also allows you to view your favorite channels, and the music on them.
It also has a nice interface, and it uses YouTube as a kind of remote. You can use it anywhere.
PlayMe Features:
View or create your own playlists, including hotlists
Search, view or listen to artists and liked songs
Swift on YouTube, YouTube Music, and anywhere else
3-15 days to download at 320Kbps
Anti-leech and HLS protection
Autoplay: disable, or ensure via settings
Free 30-day trial, but pay-for-features after
For more information about how to use the application, you can look at the video below:

PlayMe also offers premium services for those that do want to pay. You can get them here:

What’s New in the PlayMe?

Is there a way to make YouTube Music available in your country?
Once you can enjoy YouTube Music on your PC? PlayMe has your back! Download it now and get YouTube Music on your computer.
How does PlayMe work?
PlayMe is a YouTube Music client for Windows which makes it possible to listen to music on your desktop when using the mobile version of YouTube.
How does PlayMe work?
PlayMe is a YouTube Music client for Windows which makes it possible to listen to music on your desktop when using the mobile version of YouTube.
Download PlayMe here

PlayMe Details:


YouTube Music player

YouTube Music client for desktops

PlayMe is a Google YouTube Music client for Windows that works great with Android, iOS and macOS. The software makes it possible to listen to music on your PC when using the mobile version of YouTube. The application is a powerful tool to take advantage of the YouTube’s latest releases and playlists.

How PlayMe works?
When using the mobile version of YouTube on your phone, many people keep the search engine open and make song searches when searching for a particular tune. PlayMe, however, takes advantage of this fact and makes it possible to listen to music on your desktop. Simply click on the “play me” button on the YouTube website, which creates a playlist of your preferred videos. In order to do so, all the songs must be in the same folder.
The application can be downloaded and installed directly on your Windows PC. It’s designed to be the perfect music tool to help you enjoy your favorite tunes. Once it’s open, you’ll be able to enjoy and search videos and music on your computer. The playlist feature is, by far, the most interesting feature of this Google YouTube music client.
To be able to play the music you want to listen to, the application needs to be enabled, and the browser must have a connection to the mobile version of YouTube. You can also connect PlayMe to your Spotify account if you have one, or even a Facebook account if you are connected to the latter with your smartphone. If you prefer to rely on native apps, you can also download PlayMe for iOS, macOS, and Android as well.
Next, a page will open where you can see a list of your music libraries and browse them. PlayMe also provides a similar interface to YouTube’s search results. On one side of the screen, you’ll see your playlists, search results

System Requirements For PlayMe:

Running Requirements:
Intel Pentium 4 3.2GHz, AMD Athlon XP 2.6GHz, Intel Core 2 Duo 2.66GHz
1024MB VRAM, Radeon 9800, nVidia 8800GT
600MB available space
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