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the primary benefit of a vpn is the ability to connect to any website, anywhere. and while there are now endless services that offer a secure connection, a vpn should remain your mainstay. public wifi hotspots offer some security, but the shared ip address makes it easy for spammers to find and crack into your accounts. your hosts ip address is visible to anyone using the same connection, and this info can be used to track your online activity. with an ip address randomly assigned to you by your isp, youre invisible. to keep your true identity cloaked, avoid using public wifi and use a vpn to connect to the internet as you normally would.

ip address leak prevention helps protect your anonymity by scanning your computer for unauthorized software and malicious software. every time you run an update for your security software, this feature scans it in real time and prevents third-party applications from installing malicious software. select the best wi-fi protection tool on your operating system like stealth wi-fi – vpn.

dns is the set of tools that translate web addresses into ip addresses and ip addresses into web addresses. dns can also ensure that your web traffic uses the fastest possible route and speeds up browsing by eliminating the additional traffic that goes through an isp. dns leaks are often caused by computer viruses that are designed to steal your log-in information. only connect to sites that youre completely comfortable with.

there are legitimate and dangerous uses of vpns, and it is essential to know the difference. a vpn is a very useful tool for anonymous web surfing and anonymity. it can help you access blocked content or unblock websites that wont load in your country. but vpns can also be used to hide your identity for spammers and identity thieves by masking your ip address and making it impossible for anyone to find you. generally speaking, the less advanced your web browser is, the more sensitive you are to security issues like phishing and malware.