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Does any existing peer-to-peer system use a “point-to-point” routing mechanism?

Is it possible to send data from point A to point B using a peer-to-peer network?
I would like to know if it’s a well known concept and if there are any projects implementing it.


There is no such system at the moment.
So a “P2P” system cannot be “Point-to-Point” (except if you put in “point-to-point” this P2P system).


You may be interested in Tokamak.
It is built on top of the Bitcoin protocol, and does what you describe.
The point-to-point routing (as you would understand it) is the way it gets shared data, in the event of a node failure. Your peers will communicate with each other until they can find a shared node which has a copy of the shared data.
A peer in Tokamak keeps its own copy of the shared data, and stores the other peers’ information in a map. If it receives a message, it finds the corresponding peer’s node and sends it the message.
Here is a diagram of how it works.

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