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The free slideshow maker is a free application that can help you create stunning photo slideshows on your PC or Mac. This software is very user-friendly and may also be used to create pretty unique images, however, for those who wish to create high quality images, they will need to invest a bit of time and money.
Basic Features:
The built-in “tag” edit function lets you add text to your images in any size, font, font color, font opacity, shadow color, shadow opacity, shadow blur, and shadow blur radius. In addition to text, you can also add icons and backgrounds. The graphics editor itself is relatively simple and easy to use, and comes with a built-in search function. The program can also import and export graphics files in different formats, as well as create multiple versions of images for each image.
You can import directly from a digital camera, a scanner, a USB hard drive, a Flash drive, or from the Internet. You can also save photos and graphics to a folder directly. In addition, you can insert text and graphics into the slides, including photos, text, and any shape you wish. The creation of slideshows is pretty straight-forward, and you can add transition effects like fade, rotation, and zoom.
More advanced features:
You can create photo albums, movie slideshows with music, and even sync your movies to your iPod or iPhone. Plus, you can add your own music from various sources, and edit your background music. You can also add multiple effects like fade, dissolve, opacity, and frame, and add titles to your slideshows.
You can save your slides in JPEG, GIF, PNG, PDF, BMP, WMF, EMF, PSD, TGA, TIFF, and AVI file formats. Plus, you can create multiple thumbnails for each image.
Final Remarks:
Slideshow Maker is a lightweight, yet powerful application that you can use to create slideshows for your personal use.
What’s more, the software is also available to the public and you can go to the online help section and get some more great features about this free application.
Mozilla Thunderbird is a very nice and powerful email and messaging client. This application allows you to handle all kinds of media such as videos, images, and websites.
You can read and send email messages, preview and edit your email messages, handle incoming and sent faxes,

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Slideshow Description is a freeware slideshow maker for Windows. It lets you choose from one of the pre-installed templates, use your own graphics, or import images and create your own.
The slideshow maker features several effects, the ability to adjust various slideshow parameters, and a JPEG preview window for quick tweaking. You can choose from music, background, transitions and effects, if desired.
The PC Slideshow maker has a drag-and-drop interface that can make it easy to use, and the features it offers are easy to implement. It’s nice to have a tool that’s absolutely free, and adds a touch of creativity to a slideshow.
LiteLiteGuru is a handy program that can let you extract and merge a number of folders and files to one. You simply select the data you want to be extracted and the application will do its magic with a few clicks.
What’s more, there are various settings to configure, such as the background color, the encoding settings, the items to be displayed in the merge wizard, etc.
It also comes with an option to share the result in various ways – sending the file as an attachment, using an FTP server, and copying the entire folder and everything inside it to a folder on your PC or a removable media.
LiteLiteGuru is a handy program that can let you extract and merge a number of folders and files to one. You simply select the data you want to be extracted and the application will do its magic with a few clicks.
It’s nice to have a tool that’s absolutely free, and adds a touch of creativity to a slideshow.
Pie8 is the name of a different type of slideshow creator than the ones that use the slide format – it is actually a batch converter of images into animated JPEGs.
All you have to do is to open the file in this application, and it will do its magic. You can choose the number of frames per second and click on “Next” to start.
All you have to do is to open the file in this application, and it will do its magic. You can choose the number of frames per second and click on “Next” to start.
It can handle multiple layers as well as transparent layers and provide a simple preview window, to make the slideshow creation process a piece of cake.
Pie8 is a handy tool that offers a number of features and is easy to use. It’s free and won’t cost you a dime. It


Serif Home Cinema Studio will help your PC to work like a movie room. This media player can make your presentations, videos, songs, movies and photos look like a real media center. What’s more, it is especially suitable for business people who want to appear at their office presentations as if they are at their own home.
Easy FM is a small, lightweight audio player designed to provide you with a quick and easy method of listening to your music, a podcast or any other audio files on your computer.
The application doesn’t contain any settings, so users with no prior experience in audio applications won’t have to configure it. Basically, all they have to do is to select the folders containing audio files to listen, the location of the audio file played and the file format.
There are no options available and no dialogs will be displayed during the application’s execution. No setup is necessary. You can run it directly from the application folder, as soon as you add all necessary files.
There’s no interface provided with the program, but the icon is extremely large and the application is small, so it shouldn’t pose any problems while loading the program. The application is also not visually cluttered.
Evaluation and conclusion
Easy FM had no impact on the overall performance of the system, and the application didn’t display any messages. It didn’t freeze or crash during our testing. Some options can be configured if you take some time to explore the program’s interface, but most of them aren’t available at all.
Quick Gif Animator is a small and easy-to-use software application that was designed to allow you to convert any.GIF file to a.PNG image, in batch.
The software offers users with no prior experience in multimedia software a simple but reliable method of creating sequential.GIF images, with each frame having a customizable background color and transparency. The process is extremely intuitive and you can easily customize the duration of each frame and add a few predefined frames.
The interface doesn’t contain any settings, and users can use it without any prior experience. After selecting a.GIF file to be converted, it’s necessary to select the output folder, and to enter the duration for each frame.
There are no known incompatibilities with other software applications, and we didn’t notice any errors while running the software.
Evaluation and conclusion
This software application didn’t impact the overall performance of the machine during our testing, and it didn’t display any errors

What’s New In?

View the entire presentation in a gallery format with titles for each slide; at end of the presentation press “Next” and view the next slide
DLZ is an experiment of a simple and convenient application which will grab a single piece of media file from a location and convert that single file into a collection.
Examples of DLZ media are mp3, wma, wav, etc.
The application has different modes:
Play: Play all files from collection.
Random: Pick random media file to play, creates a new media collection with that media file
Deeper: Convert all media files to a DLZ format and add the new folder into media collection.
At times, DLZ might be able to convert an entire folder automatically to DLZ, but it’s not always guaranteed, so it’s often better to do manual conversions with a little pain that enforces yourself to build a decent media library in the first place.
Seq-Gen was developed to be a program that will simulate the evolution of nucleotide or amino acid sequences along a phylogeny, using common models of the substitution process.
We now have sequences from 72 organisms and we can simulate the evolution of sequences of up to 1.3 billion characters for each organism. Sequence models include the general reversible model, Γ, and equilibrium models, REL and SRD, that incorporate state frequency and rate heterogeneity.
We can simulate from any kind of evolution (e.g. neutral evolution, or evolution under selection). We have any kind of transition model (e.g. Jukes-Cantor or K2P, F84, or general time reversible). We can simulate sequences from:
■ distantly related species (between organisms from different orders)
■ distantly related clades (between organisms from the same order but different sub-orders, etc.)
■ closely related species (e.g. humans and chimps, different orders, but same family)
■ closely related clades (e.g. primates and carnivores, same order, but different families)
■ closely related species, with different members in different genera (e.g. primates and carnivores, different orders, different families)
■ close relatives, at the same level (e.g. humans and chimps, same order, same family)
WaveThunder is a MDI-application (you can have more child-windows in a application window): Wave Windows,

System Requirements:

Intel Pentium III-700 MHz or faster, with 512 MB RAM and OpenGL-supporting operating system
Compatible video card (Intel GMA x3100, Matrox G200, Matrox Mystique)
4 GB free HDD space
Ableton Live 8 SE
Windows 7 (64-bit)
Ableton Live 8 SE (Windows only)
Mac OS X 10.7.5
Ableton Live 8 SE (Mac only)
If you are using the Int