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Stronghold Crusader 2 Lan Crack BETTER

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Stronghold Crusader 2 Lan Crack

im sure the majority of people who play games on the internet, including me, enjoy playing multiplayer games. there are also plenty of us who feel that there is no such thing as multiplayer, and theres no need for us to be at all involved in them. unfortunately, theres still some people who ignore this and thus they don’t play multiplayer games. it would be futile to list all the games that only allow you to play with either of your friends or strangers. hopefully, the list below will convince you to play multiplayer games with your friends and strangers. tired of being on your own? then, stop scrolling and get yourself a game and start playing. [ubisoft]

when starting a multiplayer game, your first choice is whether or not to play as a male or female. apparently, the male character is named john, while jane is female. players can also name their character, but the character has to be gender-neutral. whichever character you choose, you must choose which human will be your teammate. choose a friend that you respect and whose characteristics you admire. choosing a character that does not have the same gender or race as you will automatically become your opponent.

once in the game, you first need to choose a map. this is a vital choice and can have a huge impact on your experience in the game. here, a wide range of different maps are available, ranging from sunny beaches to swamps with snakes and rabbits.

the development team has been working tirelessly on getting the most recent improvements into the game for stronghold 1.2. there are many bug fixes, and many balancing changes, but the two major new features are the castle map editor, and the crime system. the castle editor has been quite a headache, but the end result is an easy way to create and maintain your castle.
in 1.2 castle creation is easy, and allows for the placement of npcs. the castle editor is also a lot easier to use than the old version, so i hope you’ll have a little fun creating your own castles, and npcs.