Switch Driver

The Switch Driver application will allow you to do more with your switches.
Here are just a few things you can do with switches when you use Switch Driver:
– Play switch games
– Control a PowerPoint presentation
– Move the mouse
To ensure that your switches can be used with all applications we supply our switch software. The software works for both USB and serial switches.
You can also configure the switch response, with options for ignoring accidental switch presses.
If you have a USB connector (JoyCable or JoyBox) then games that are normally controlled by a joystick or game controller can be played with switches instead. Some games, like Moto Cross Madness and Mid Town Madness, can be played effectively with just two switches (for example two head switches), while others, such a flight simulators require more.







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This is the Switch Driver program you use to configure and use your switches.
– Play switch games
– Control a PowerPoint presentation
– Move the mouse
Switch Driver features include:
– Read
– Write
– Disable
– Enable
– Disable
– Enable
– Configure response
– Detect Dead Pixels
– More…
Switch Driver contains no code to support the actual switch or the OS.
Applications such as the Nintendo Switch Hardware Control (link to launch) use Switch Driver to control a Switch.
Link to Switch Driver on the Nintendo Switch Support page.
Source code:
You can see the source code for Switch Driver here on Github.
Technical Support:
The Switch Driver website includes a question and answer forum where you can discuss your switch questions with other users.
If you do need technical support, you can use the email address support@jumptouchnintendo.com
Download Switch Driver for macOS:
You can download the Switch Driver program for macOS at the following link:

For macOS, you will need to have a Microsoft account to login.
Source code:
The Switch Driver program is available as an open source program on GitHub.
Download the latest version of the Switch Driver program from the Nintendo Switch Support page.
In case you have troubles, you can find help with:
– Switch Driver on the Switch Driver GitHub page
– Switch Driver on the GitHub Issues page


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If you have multiple switches and you need to set different macro commands for each switch then this software can do that for you. It can also open switch details and edit them as well.
KEYMACRO Features:
• Multiple profiles
• Status screen
• Edit all switch details in switch library
• Save/load profiles
• Set different macro commands for each switch
• Detect and ignore accidental switch presses
• Integrated Keymacro Manager
• Run macro commands in Switch Driver
With KEYMACRO you can set a macro on each switch (a command followed by a switch number) or you can set a macro to run on all switches (the same command followed by “All” on the last switch)
This switch driver supports the following switches:
• PC300, PC600, PC900
• X4, X10, X8, X16, PS, MC, FC, ES
• Zoom
• Clicker
• Trans-Cube
• Mouse-Cube
• Dice-Cube
• 3D-Cube
• Z0, Z1, Z2
• PreYayoyo Switch
• MW
• SW0, SW1, SW2, SW3
• Gizmo
• Trippy
• Rezi
• 4D
• Okil
• Win8X
• D0, D1, D2, D3
• MousePad
• Blue, Yellow, Green, Purple, Red, Orange, White
• OkiTriangle
• ZUSTriangle
• MouseSwtich
• MouseSwtichCluster
• MouseZoom
• OkiMouse
• 4DTriangle
• TransCubeMouse
• OkiKeyboard
• ZUSKeyboard
• MouseSwtichKeyboard
• TransCubeKeyboard
• ZUSKeyboardCluster
• TransCubeKey

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● Switch Controller:
● Switch Programmer:
● Connect to a computer via USB or Serial
● Configure the response to accidental switch presses
● Play Switch Games:
● Install your own games
● Log in to your account on SwitchDriver.net
● Start Playing
● Opt for Universal games:
● Play your Universal Games with more Options
● Play the Universal games with your Controller of choice
● Play multi-game sessions
● Multiplayer games with friends
Switch Driver is free for you to download and use. You can also choose to pay for premium features if you wish.
Download Switch Driver today!
SwitchDriver is free to use, however we do ask that you include a link to our website in any promotion or email campaign.
For those who wish to make their lives easier, SwitchDriver has been designed to automatically run when you boot your computer.
If you find that SwitchDriver does not start automatically, you can force a start by pressing the Ctrl and Alt keys together and R in Windows XP and Windows 7 or Alt + F4 in Windows 8, Windows 10 and all versions of Linux.
Search for SwitchDriver in your start menu or the Start menu of Windows. Click the SwitchDriver icon that appears. SwitchDriver will open and you can press the Quit button or press the Run button to start using your switches.
If you run a Windows based computer you can usually also click the SwitchDriver icon on the taskbar to have the app start automatically.
Download Switch Driver.
To install SwitchDriver, download the installation file to your desktop. Double click on the file to start the installation.
Run the SwitchDriver application as an administrator. If you are prompted for an administrator password, enter the password.
Your switches should now be detected automatically and SwitchDriver will open. When the software opens the title bar should read SwitchDriver: Set Up. Press the Enter key to start the program.
A window should open containing information on how to set up your switches.
If you use serial switches, you will be asked to enter the COM port number.
After you have setup your switches, press the Set Up button on the Switch Driver window.
You may now start using your switches to control applications.
We recommend that you update the software to the latest version.
The app will detect if you are using one of our JoyCables or JoyBoxes and will connect it

What’s New in the?

* Create your own games on your Switch
* Get players around your house – Play car racing games on the TV or compete with your friends in real-time
* Bring gaming to your living room
* Play with your friends
* Grow the Switch
* Play any game without software

Control up to four Nintendo 64 controllers with the Nintendo Switch GamePad controller! Use the Joy-Con controllers on the Switch to play on a traditional gamepad. But when connected to your Nintendo Switch console, the Nintendo Switch GamePad becomes a true GameBoy Advance!
The controller is equipped with buttons, joysticks, A/B/Y buttons, a turbo button, a L/R button and an analog stick.
The Joy-Con controllers snap onto your Switch, but are detached for easy transport when not in use.
See all that can be done with this Switch GamePad on our dedicated Switch GamePad page.
As the Nintendo Switch sports two built-in cameras, you can get creative by making and sharing movies, photos and more. Or use the Joy-Con controllers to play the classic Game Boy games that you grew up with.
Switch Dock
No longer need to buy a traditional dock for your Nintendo Switch! The Switch Dock creates an ideal world for playing games, surfing the web and using other Nintendo Switch apps. The Switch Dock also provides a charger port for recharging the Switch.
There are two sizes available for the Switch Dock.
– Switch Dock Docked – The Switch Dock is permanently installed in the Nintendo Switch Dock Stand.
– Switch Dock Upright – The Switch Dock Upright is still portable, but you can place it on a table or other flat surface.

Play the classic NES game classics, plus more than 200 other games, with the Nintendo Switch Console
Innovative gaming that’s as good as it gets
The Nintendo Switch console comes with a Joy-Con controller (L) and Nintendo Switch dock (R).
Use the Joy-Con controller to play on a gamepad-like screen. If you have two Joy-Con controllers, you can also use them together to play multiplayer games.
Use the Nintendo Switch dock to play your favorite Nintendo Switch games. The Nintendo Switch Dock holds the Switch and plays all your favorite games.
Bring classic Nintendo games to life with Nintendo Switch games.
The Nintendo Switch console includes more than 200 games from Nintendo’s library, including Super Mario Odyssey, Zelda: Breath of the Wild, ARMS, Splatoon 2 and more.
The family-friendly Nintendo Switch games come to life on the big screen.
Enjoy all the fun of the Nintendo Switch games in an elegant presentation that’s only possible with the Nintendo Switch console.
Play Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey in glorious high definition on a big TV.

The Joy-Con


System Requirements:

Supported operating systems: Windows
Windows Mac
Nintendo Switch
Xbox One
PlayStation 4
PlayStation Vita
Display: 1024 x 768
Resolution: 72 DPI
16:9 aspect ratio
HD Screen
Other: Not supported
Steam Integration: Steam Achievements, Workshop Support, Steam Cloud Support.
Steam Achievements, Workshop Support, Steam Cloud Support. Sandbox Support: Detailed sandboxing and additional tool support for modding (f.e. with custom level loading and