The Mummy Returns Pc Game Full Version !!TOP!! Free Download

The Mummy Returns Pc Game Full Version !!TOP!! Free Download


The Mummy Returns Pc Game Full Version Free Download

Thankfully, at least the music is a joy. Composer Murray Gold has done it again. The incidental scores to the game are flawless, filled with bizarre cacophonies of organ, horns and warm stringed instruments. The memorable song repeated throughout the game, as well as numerous others, are both joyous and extremely catchy. The voice acting isn’t especially good, but it’s so enthralling that you don’t really care. Instead you spend most of your time burrowing into the music.

The Mummy Returns game play is so simplistic it’s laughable. You jump from a ledge to another by flicking a switch, and if you miss the ledge or land a little too close you’re sent plummeting down to the floor. At that point there’s no more jumping, just running about jumping over obstacles or shooting bad guys. And if that sounds a bit tedious, you’re right. Just don’t get carried away and expect a high degree of skill. As it is, it’s very much a nudge and a wink as players are encouraged to go as fast as possible. In fact, the game throws the monsters at you at twice the normal speed, resulting in an overall speed-up effect on the screen. This seems entirely contradictory to the previous note, but a speed increase at all costs might be fun at first, but soon you’re just speed-bumping over things you’re not supposed to be hitting anyway, and the game becomes irritatingly unbalanced. Why annoy the player for speed bumps that he or she is not supposed to touch, and when three or four layers of them have covered the screen like a thick milk fog?

All this leaves you with the action, which does come after a very long absence. The classic adventure game style that fans of the Tomb Raider and games likeF16: The Game have come to know and love is back. And it’s good to see it back too, because it’s been a long time since the popular series kicked into full gear. With that in mind, it would have been great if this game had taken things a bit more seriously, and tried to get the game play right before bending to the inevitable. Instead, we get a game that’s more like a sleazy Tom & Jerry show, with a cartoonish presentation and a limited, basic set of game play. Take the characters, for example. The hero has a large, imposing hat, a cape and a goofy expression on his face. No guns, no steel boots, no jumping off rooftops, no flying. He’s a funny but shallow, not particularly interesting hero. The other two characters are downright ugly and chubby. They’re pushed around by pyramids of furniture that they can’t jump over, nor can they pick up the big fistful of demon skulls that they need to get to the next area. It’s corny.