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This app needs internet access to work properly. TopCharts automatically switches to offline mode when the connection becomes poor or fails completely. You can also enable offline mode manually by clicking the gray button in the status bar.

RSS Feeds:
You can also add the TopCharts RSS feed to keep up to date.

Main features:
* Automatically checks for the latest charts and shows you the newest ones
* For each country you can:
– select the most popular song
– select the song with the most votes
– view the full chart
– view the list of songs in the country

Charts can be saved in the data directory and loaded directly from here. Data is available for 5 days.

*** NOTE: TopCharts is optimized for android tablets.
If you have a mobile phone or other android device, please use the TopCharts Mobile app instead.

If you want to help us improve this app, please give us feedback.

*** NOTE: TopCharts Mobile has some of the same features as the TopCharts app. There is a version of TopCharts for Android phones and tablets.
Download TopCharts Mobile for free on Google Play.

Enjoy using TopCharts? Please give us a rating and tell your friends about us. Thank you!

+++ Note to Developers: TopCharts is now offered on Google Play.
Google has implemented an app size limit of 4GB per app. If you upload the same APK file that already exists in the Play store, your update will fail. It is recommended that you request a new version number in your first app update and create a new upload file. You can also re-upload your app to the Play store with an app size of 4GB or less.

A group of ios users have been complaining that they’ve been having problem installing and uninstalling the latest version. We can only assume that since they’re so far from the Play Store that it may take them

TopCharts Crack Serial Number Full Torrent

This is a small and handy utility designed to easily get you the number of songs played for your PC.
If you have any problems with music files or just want to share your favorite songs, this program will serve you well.
Here are the features:
– Get the number of songs played on your PC by the artist, track, album, genre, year.
– Charts by artists, albums, tracks, genres, years.
– Charts by countries, genres, artists, tracks.
– Charts by artists, countries, genres, years.
– Charts by countries, genres, songs, artists.
– Charts by countries, songs, genres, artists.
– Charts by songs, countries, genres, artists.
– Charts by albums, countries, genres, songs.
– Charts by albums, countries, genres, tracks.
– Search song, artist, album and year.
– Get the total number of songs played on your PC for the last 1 month.
– Get the total number of songs played on your PC for the last 1 year.
– Get the total number of songs played on your PC for the last 7 years.
– Get the total number of songs played on your PC for the last 60 days.
– Delete old charts and save your current configuration.
– Set the chart time to 24 hours or 48 hours (or disable it).
– Sync your chart settings to a list of bookmarks, which you can make and maintain without any hassle.
– Set the chart engine to only return 1 chart at a time.
– Set the chart engine to return all charts at once.
– Set the chart engine to only show 1 song per chart (will save memory).
– Show or Hide the song details window.
– Hide the search field.
– Hide the search button.
– Ignore upper case letters in names.
– Show the song details window with no songs in it (removes the line when the window pops up and keeps the chart count).
– Disable the search field in the song details window.
– Disable the search button in the song details window.
– Disable the song details window.
– Disable the chart time.
– Disable the chart search.
– Disable the country list.
– Disable the graph mode.
– Load the new settings when you run the program.
– Reset to the default settings when you close the program.
– Run

TopCharts Crack + Full Product Key [32|64bit]

This is the second version of the application, which uses the new Google Play Services.
Main features:
– Listening the songs with charts.
– Search for songs.
– Look up the song, artist and album.
– Auto-play.
– Search in lyrics.
– Remind.
– Play the song in the background.
– Auto-stopping of the song when you turn off the screen.
– Repeat a song.
– Fast forward / rewind a song.
– Playing last song.
– Using the ‘Like’ feature.
– Battery usage analysis.
– Privacy settings.
– Shuffle songs.
– Random songs.
– Clear cache of the application.
– Simple GUI.
– Listening with The’star’ feature.
– Setting for iPad.
– Support most Android phones.
– Support for phones with rounded edges.
– Support for phones with bigger than normal displays.
– Support for phones with Android 2.3.3 and above.
– Support for phones with less than 5% memory left.
– Support for phones without any UI.
– Opening the Internet browser with the text “Search the Google Play” on the lyrics of the song.
– On double tap, the Internet browser will be opened with the text “Google Play”.
– Opening Google search with the text “Search the Google Play”.
– Opening Google search with the text “Search the Google Play” with the search history.
– Opening the Google Play with the text “Open Google Play”.
– Opening the Google Play with the text “Open Google Play” and the search history.
– Lyrics button.
– Synchronization with
– In-app purchase.
– Installation on all SD card, a complete reinstallation.
– Customizable sound effects.
– Customizable time intervals.
– Easy to use.
– (and much more)…

★ TopCharts (2.1.0)
This is the first release of TopCharts.
I would like to take this opportunity to announce some improvements:
– The application is now easier to understand.
– It is more user friendly.
– I have added some new features.
– I have improved the code, fixed bugs.
– A lot of code was rewritten.
– A new simplified GUI.

TopMusic (2.1.0)

What’s New in the?

– Lists the most popular songs in 24 countries in real time.
– You can quickly switch to any country and listen to its most popular songs.
– Advanced filtering options let you choose the songs you prefer.
– Even if there is no content in some countries, you can still listen to the popular music for them.
– You can get recommendations for new songs in any country and save songs you love.
– You can buy or download songs right from the app.
– You can also view a countdown of the songs you’ve saved with the option “Songs I’ve Seen”.
– You can add songs to the shared list and enjoy songs shared by your friends.
– You can also sort your shared list by countries.
– You can view the list of the songs you’ve listened the most.
– You can enjoy the chart for songs in 24 countries with music videos.
– You can easily search for any song in a list with the search bar at the top.
– You can also search for songs that contain any word or phrase in their lyrics.
– You can also get the most popular songs of any genre.
– You can view songs in languages other than English and find words in any language.
– You can also view the popularity of any song.
– You can sort songs by languages, artists, albums, genres or years.
– You can easily search for any artist or any genre.
– You can view popular music videos and listen to them in any language.
– You can also save your favorite music videos, artists and genres to enjoy them offline.
– You can find out whether any song is available in English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Greek, Turkish, Korean, Polish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Arabic, Indonesian, Urdu, Hindi, Portuguese, Hungarian, Czech, Finnish, Norwegian, Arabic, Indonesian, Spanish, Portuguese, Finnish, Dutch, Turkish, Russian, Greek, Hungarian, Vietnamese, Thai, Korean, Polish, Japanese, Arabic, Indonesian, Urdu, Czech, Finnish, Norwegian, Russian, Chinese, Thai, Korean, Polish, Hungarian, Vietnamese, Turkish, Arabic, Portuguese, Finnish, Dutch, Swedish, Czech, Norwegian, Turkish, Arabic, Indonesian, Spanish, German, Polish, Portuguese, Hungarian, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Polish, Czech, Norwegian, Turkish

System Requirements:

OS: Windows Vista / Windows 7
Processor: 1.7GHz Processor, RAM: 2GB of RAM
DirectX: Version 9.0
Hard Drive: 5.5GB available space
Graphics: 1024×768 or higher resolution display
Additional: Java 2 Runtime Environment (JRE)
Processor: 2GHz Processor, RAM: 2GB of RAM
Hard Drive: 5.5GB available